• South Providence Trail
  • South Providence Trail at Green Meadows

South Providence Trail

Trail Miles: 1.7 miles, concrete with limestone side path

Trail Information

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The South Providence Trail runs alongside Providence Rd. from Old Plank Rd. to Green Meadows Rd. By use of the crosswalk at Providence and Old Plank Rd., trail users can commute from Rock Bridge Elementary School to Green Meadows Rd. Users can access the trail at any Providence Rd. intersection along the way.

South Providence Trail Map

Neighborhoods to the west of Providence Rd. can create their own exercise loop by use of neighborhood and street sidewalks and using the South Providence Trail for the east leg. Several sidewalk connections off the Providence outbound road were improved as part of this project.

Commuters on the South Providence Trail can access the MU Recreation Trail by traveling down Green Meadows Rd. to Green Meadows Cir. to Greenbriar Dr. At the end of Greenbriar Dr., the half-mile Greenbriar Connector links to the MU Recreation Trail. The MU Recreation Trail connects to the MKT Trail to the west and to Hinkson Creek Trail to the east.


South Providence Trail History