• Eastport Park Trail

Eastport Park Trail

Map & Address opens in a new window5620 Murfreeboro Dr.

Trail Miles: Park Trail (only) - 0.4 mile, limestone; Trail loop (includes sidewalk along street) - 0.6 mile, limestone and concrete

Trail Information

Eastport Park

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Park users can enter the park from the sidewalk off of Murfreesboro Dr. and walk the gravel trail through the park on the east side of the playground.  From this point, the trail heads west and ends at Freeport Way where trail users can walk on the sidewalk to loop back to the park. This loop is 0.6 mile in length, making it a convenient exercise path for the neighborhood. Future plans include constructing a gravel trail on the west side of the playground to connect to Richland Rd.

Eastport Park Trail map