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Bonnie View Prairie Loop Trail

Map & Address opens in a new window3300 W Rollins Road

Trail Miles: 0.30 mile, concrete loop

Trail Information

Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary

Map of Bonnie View Nature Sanctuaryopens PDF file

This 0.30 mile trail encircles a restored prairie area at Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary.  This ADA (Americas with Disabilities Act) concrete trail was designed to be wheelchair and baby stroller friendly. 

All 92.5 acres of Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary are open for exploration. There are also about 0.9 miles of natural surface trails that meander throughout the property.  The park property borders the 28-acre Columbia Audubon Nature Area and is linked via the 1.7-mile  Scott’s Branch Trail (no dogs allowed on the trail through the Columbia Audubon Nature Area.)