• Blue Ridge Drive Connector to Bear Creek Trail
  • Blue Ridge Connector at Garth Nature Area
  • Blue Ridge Connector to Garth Nature Area

(D) Blue Ridge Rd. Connector

Map & Address opens in a new windowBear Creek Connector

Trail: Bear Creek Trail

Trail Miles: 0.3 mile

Trail Information

The Blue Ridge Rd. Connector gives residents in the Vanderveen Subdivision access to the Bear Creek Trail from Blue Ridge Rd. This concrete trail can be accessed from the south side of Blue Ridge Rd. between Snow Leopard Dr. and Sea Eagle Dr. and connects trail users to the wetland loop trail in Garth Nature Area. This connection provides a pleasant journey through preserved green space.

As trail users enter Garth Nature Area, they can continue around the gravel wetland loop trail to join up with the Bear Creek Trail and either travel west toward the Creasy Springs Trailhead or east toward Albert-Oakland Park. (Map of Garth Nature Area).

The Blue Ridge Rd. Connector was completed in 2011. The project was federally funded and administered by GetAbout Columbia. The combined cost of the Python Ct. and Blue Ridge Rd. Connector projects was $526,000.