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Albert-Oakland Trail & Fitness Circuit

Map & Address 1900 Blue Ridge Rd.

1900 Blue Ridge Rd. Columbia, MO

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Trail Miles: Loop Trail - 0.6 mile, concrete; Total Trail - 1 mile, concrete

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Albert-Oakland Park

Map of Albert-Oakland Park

Capital Improvement Projects

Park visitors are invited to try out the Albert-Oakland physical fitness circuit where they can turn fitness into outdoor fun! The one-mile concrete hard-surface trail channels users through a series of 11 exercise stations featuring self-propelled cardio equipment and body weight-resistance workstations designed for various ages and fitness levels. The Albert-Oakland fitness circuit promotes a healthy lifestyle while making fitness fun and accessible to all people, regardless of their economic situation or physical ability. The trail is also excellent for walking, jogging and the enjoyment of the park's natural environment. In the southwest area of the park, known at C. M. Albert Memorial Park, you can gain access to the Bear Creek Trail. Entrances to Albert-Oakland Park are located off Blue Ridge Rd. and Edris Dr. (off of Oakland Gravel Rd.). Access to C. M. Memorial Park is at the terminus of Parker St. on the south side of the park.


Fitness Circuit

Photo of horizontal ladder

Horizontal Ladder

This familiar park piece is an effective fitness device for building shoulders, biceps, and hand-grip strength. Perform chin-ups or just hang to develop strength and stretch the upper body.

Photo of elliptical cross trainer

Elliptical Cross Trainer

This piece offers the same fluid motion as the equipment found in a gym. It develops strength in the legs and hips and improves cardiovascular endurance for a whole-body workout.

Photo of push up bar

Push-Up Bar

Appropriate for strengthening hand grip, triceps and chest, this piece is a fitness course favorite.

Photo of seated lat pull

Seated Lat Pull

Use part of your body weight as the resistance over a smooth range of motion. This product strengthens your upper back, rear shoulders, and biceps as you pull the upper bar towards your body.

Photo of seated chess press

Seated Chest Press

This piece provides an optimal range of motion while you lift part of your body weight as resistance. This equipment develops strength in the chest, front of the shoulders, and triceps.

Photo of sit-up board

Sit-Up Board

This piece is effective for abdominal exercises and back stretches.

Photo of leg press

Leg Press

An essential piece for developing leg strength, this equipment is effective in using your own weight for resistance. This double-sided piece offers two sizes for different user heights and resistance.

Photo of pull-up bar

Horizontal Bar

A classic outdoor fitness piece, this is excellent for pull-ups or hanging in place. It strengthens the shoulders, biceps, hand grip, back, and chest.

Photo of pull up an dip station

Pull-Up & Dip Station

Use this multi-purpose station to perform pull-ups, push-ups, dips, leg lifts, as well as stretching. It's designed to improve strength and flexibility.

Photo of rowing machine

Rowing Machine

This piece offers a very fluid motion with great range. It uses a portion of your body weight as resistance and develops strength in your back, shoulders and biceps. It offers a great cardiovascular workout, as well.

Photo of squat press

Squat Press

This piece uses progressive resistance - the farther you extend, the more difficult it gets. Safer than free weights, you can perform biceps curls, shoulder shrugs, traditional squats, and squat-into-shoulder press.