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The Columbia Trail System features a variety of trails in different settings - parks, nature sanctuaries, along creeks and through wooded areas - with a variety of trail surfaces for runners, walkers, wheelers, and bicyclists. Amenities along the trails, such as water fountains, restrooms, and bike repair stations, are provided to make your journey easier. You can find the location of these amenities on the trails mapopens PDF file .
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Trails have long been important to the quality of life for Columbians. In a 2015 city-wide citizen survey, it was found that 82 percent of Columbia households use the trail system! In fact, this love of trails extends outside Columbia's borders - the state of Missouri in 2013 was named the "Best Trails State" by American Trails, a national, nonprofit organization working on behalf of the nation's hiking, biking and riding trails. Columbia Parks and Recreation is proud to contribute to this designation.




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3M Wetland Trail

3M Wetland Trail

 A gravel loop trail around the 3M Flat Branch-Hinkson Creek Wetlands gives MKT Trail users an interesting detour off the main trail.

Trail Miles: 1.25 miles, limestone

Again Street Park Trail

Again Street Park Trail

This 0.4-mile concrete trail features 20 exercise stations designed for use by people of almost every age and level of fitness and is also excellent for walking and jogging.

1200 Again St.

Trail Miles: 0.4 miles, concrete

Albert Oakland Fitness Trail

Albert-Oakland Trail & Fitness Circuit

Park visitors are invited to try out the Albert-Oakland physical fitness circuit where they can turn fitness into outdoor fun! The one-mile concrete hard-surface trail channels users through a series of 11 exercise stations featuring self-propelled cardio equipment and body weight-resistance workstations designed for various ages and fitness levels.

1900 Blue Ridge Rd. Columbia, MO

Trail Miles: Loop Trail - 0.6 mile, concrete; Total Trail - 1 mile, concrete

tract at the ARC

ARC Walking/Jogging Track

Walkers and joggers alike will benefit from the indoor rubberized track as it winds around the second floor of the building through the cardio and strength training areas and overlooks the Water Zone, lobby, and gymnasium. The two-lane track allows for two people to walk Read More »

1701 W. Ash St.

Trail Miles: 0.15 mile (6.5 laps = 1 mile), rubberized

Auburn Hills Park Trail

Auburn Hills Park Trail

This 0.3 mile gravel trail follows the perimeter of the open area in the center of this 11.6-acre park. The trail is bordered by woods and leads around the fishing pond. Sidewalks connect the trail with the picnic shelter, playground, and basketball court.

5101 Derby Ridge Rd.

Trail Miles: 0.3 mile, limestone

Bear Creek Trail

Bear Creek Trail

The Bear Creek Trail is located in northern Columbia and links two of the city's most popular large parks, the 533-acre Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area and the 81.5-acre Albert-Oakland Park. In general, the trail follows the natural drainage system of the Bear Creek and runs in an east/west direction across the northern part of the city. The limestone trail is approximately 4.8 miles in length.

Trail Miles: 4.8 miles, limestone

Bonnie View Nature Area

Bonnie View Prairie Loop Trail

This 0.30 mile trail encircles a restored prairie area at Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary.  This ADA (Americas with Disabilities Act) concrete trail was designed to be wheelchair and baby stroller friendly. All 92.5 acres of Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary are open for exploration. There are also about 0.9 miles of natural surface trails that meander throughout the property.  The park property borders the 28-acre Columbia Audubon Nature Area and is linked via the 1.7-mile  Scott's Branch Trail (no dogs allowed on the trail through the Columbia Audubon Nature Area.)

3300 W Rollins Road

Trail Miles: 0.30 mile, concrete loop

Cascades Park Trail

Cascades Park Trail

Park users can get exercise walking the quarter-mile trail that encircles the open space of the park and connects the playground, basketball court, and single table shelter. About 3/4 of the trail is concrete and 1/4 gravel. The park and trail loop can be accessed from Stanwood Dr., Bellingham Dr., or the sidewalk along Rte. K.

6900 Sinclair Rd.

Trail Miles: 0.25 mile loop, concrete and limestone

Cosmo Fitness Trail

Cosmo Fitness Trail

This 1.25-mile, 10-ft.wide asphalt trail is open to walkers, skaters, and bikers. No motorized vehicles are permitted on the trail. It winds through the south end of Cosmo Park.

1615 Business Loop 70 W.

Trail Miles: 1.25 miles, asphalt

Cosmo Nature Trail

Cosmo Nature Trail

This loop trail of moderate steepness features a 530-foot boardwalk through a marsh created by resident beavers. The trail begins near Antimi Shelter and Columbia Skate Park at the north end of Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area and meanders through a heavily wooded nature area and wetlands where you will see a variety of trees, plants, birds, animals and insects. You may even catch a glimpse of a beaver at work! (No bikes, please.)

1615 Business Loop 70 W.

Trail Miles: 1.3 miles, dirt

Cosmo-Bethel Lake Trail

Cosmo-Bethel Lake Trail

This concrete trail encircles the fishing lake and has two  ADA fishing bulbouts and some benches along the way. The majority of the trail travels through open areas, with a short portion of the trail passing through a shady area that has a bridge crossing on the east side. Views of the park and lake from the trail make this an enjoyable place to get your walking exercise in.

4500 Bethel St.

Trail Miles: 0.46 mile, concrete

County House Trail

County House Trail

County House Trail is a two-mile trail in the southwest quadrant of the city that extends from Stadium Blvd. at College Park Dr. to the MKT Trail at Twin Lakes Recreation Area. It is an 8-foot-wide concrete trail with a gravel side path between Stadium and the Twin Lakes Recreation Area entrance. Once inside Twin Lakes Recreation Area the trail routes through the parking lot and then a crushed limestone surface trail routes around the lake where it connects to the MKT Trail on the southeast corner of the park.

2500 Chapel Hill Rd.

Trail Miles: 2.0 miles, concrete with limestone side path, (limestone only around lake at Twin Lakes Recreation Area)

Dublin Park Trail

Dublin Park Trail

Enjoy this wooded park via its 0.2-mile gravel trail. Benches along the trail enable park users to stop and enjoy the natural surroundings. Amenities include a shelter and playground in this 5.6 acre park.

4101 Dublin Ave.

Trail Miles: 0.2 mile, limestone

Eastport Park Trail

Eastport Park Trail

Park users can enter the park from the sidewalk off of Murfreesboro Dr. and walk the gravel trail through the park on the east side of the playground.  From this point, the trail heads west and ends at Freeport Way where trail users can walk on the sidewalk to loop back to the park.

5620 Murfreeboro Dr.

Trail Miles: Park Trail (only) - 0.4 mile, limestone; Trail loop (includes sidewalk along street) - 0.6 mile, limestone and concrete

Fairview Elementary School Track

Fairview Elementary School Track

 During non-school hours, the 400-meter track, located on the west side of Fairview Elementary School, is open to the public. Both the track and park improvements were funded by the Park Sales Tax. 

909 S. Fairview Rd.

Trail Miles: 400 meter track, limestone

Fairview Park Nature Trail

Fairview Nature Trail

This 27-acre park is located in west-central Columbia on Fairview Road, adjacent to Fairview Elementary School. The 0.5-mile trail begins at the park's picnic shelter and leads through a wooded area, circles a small pond, passes by the park's four tennis courts and returns to the shelter. This trail, mostly of a dirt surface, is suitable for walking, jogging, or nature study.

1001 Fairview Rd.

Trail Miles: 0.5 mile, dirt

Forum Nature Area Trail

Forum Wetland Trails

Enjoy a peaceful walk on the gravel 1.8-mile wetland loop. This trail can be accessed from the Forum Nature Area Trailhead or across the entrance from where the County House Trail meets the MKT Trail. Bicycles are not allowed on the Forum Loop.

2701 Forum Blvd.

Trail Miles: 1.8 miles, limestone

Grindstone Creek Trail

Grindstone Creek Trail

This 1.75-mile concrete trail routes from Grindstone Nature Area east under Old 63 through Waters-Moss Memorial Wildlife Area and generally follows Grindstone Creek to the confluence of the north and south forks, and then angles north to McGuire Blvd. At Grindstone Nature Area, it connects to the Hinkson Creek Trail, which makes up part of the southern and eastern portions of the proposed 30-mile trail loop around the city.

2011 Old Highway 63 S

Trail Miles: 1.75 miles, concrete

Highpointe Park Trail

Highpointe Park Trail

This gravel trail follows the park perimeter on the north side and connects to the sidewalk along Huntridge Dr. on the front of the park property. Users can enjoy both open areas and shady woods as they walk, run, bike, or wheel on this neighborhood park trail.

801 Huntridge Dr.

Trail Miles: 0.4 mile, limestone (loop includes concrete sidewalk)

Hinkson Creek Trail

Hinkson Creek Trail

The Hinkson Creek Trail project is the result of a unique partnership between the City of Columbia and the University of Missouri. The trail connects Grindstone Nature Area to the MKT Trail. The City of Columbia's portion of the trail is 2.0 miles, beginning at Grindstone Nature Area, thru Capen Park, and connecting to the Hinkson Creek Recreation Area on the University of Missouri Campus. The University of Missouri's portion of the trail is 2.25 miles, extending from the City's portion of the Hinkson Creek Trail to the MKT Trail at the 6.75-mile marker, just west of the Stadium MKT Trailhead.

Trail Miles: Trail - 4.25 miles, (2 miles - City portion, 2.25 miles MU portion), limestone

Hominy Creek Trail from WW

Hominy Creek Trail

Hominy Creek Trail begins at the east end of Green Valley Drive and routes to the north of The Links apartment complex at Clark Lane up to Lillian Drive. The trail passes under Highway 63, East Broadway/Route WW, and Interstate 70. Hominy Creek Trail helps connect neighborhoods located in the area north of Interstate 70 and south of Indian Hills Park to the Columbia Trail System.

Hominy Creek Trail, Columbia, MO 65201, USA

Trail Miles: 2.9 miles, concrete

Indian Hills Park Trail

Indian Hills Trail

The 0.8-mile gravel trail winds around the shelter and playgrounds and leads to the more wooded areas where you might catch a glimpse of someone playing disc golf on the 18-hole course.

5009 Aztec Rd.

Trail Miles: Perimeter trail only - 0.8 mile; Total trail - 1.0 mile, limestone

Jay Dix Mountain Bike Park

Jay Dix Mountain Bike Skills Course

This mountain bike skills course was designed for beginner to intermediate level riders. Its low-lying, prefabricated modular fixtures were designed to teach slow-riding technical and balance skills.

3725 S. Scott Blvd.

Trail Miles: 0.2 mile, dirt with training obstacles

Kiwanis Park Trail

Kiwanis Park Trail

The heavily wooded 19-acre Kiwanis Park may be accessed from the east off of Maplewood Dr. or from the west on College Park Dr.  The 0.9-mile dirt and gravel trail traverses the park's steep hillsides and connects the east and west picnic shelters. This trail is not recommended for wheelchairs. Both park visitors and students at the adjacent Russell Boulevard Elementary School find this trail offers opportunities to observe many species of native Missouri flora and fauna.

926 College Park Dr.

Trail Miles: 0.9 mile, limestone and dirt

Lange Park Trail

Lange Park Trail and Lange Middle School Track

Trails like the one in Lange Park are incorporated into park design to provide a place for park neighbors to get exercise by walking or jogging. Three times around the trail loop at Lange Park, which includes the sidewalk along Smiley Ln., makes a mile.

2011 Smiley Ln.

Trail Miles: 0.3, loop, gravel and concrete; 400 meter track, limestone