tract at the ARC

ARC Walking/Jogging Track

Walkers and joggers alike will benefit from the indoor rubberized track as it winds around the second floor of the building through the cardio and strength training areas and overlooks the Water Zone, lobby, and gymnasium. The two-lane track allows for two people to walk Read More »

Address: 1701 W. Ash St.

Trail Miles: 0.15 mile (6.5 laps = 1 mile), rubberized

Fairview Elementary School Track

Fairview Elementary School Track

 During non-school hours, the 400-meter track, located on the west side of Fairview Elementary School, is open to the public. Both the track and park improvements were funded by the Park Sales Tax. 

Address: 909 S. Fairview Rd.

Trail Miles: 400 meter track, limestone

Lange Park Trail

Lange Park Trail and Lange Middle School Track

Trails like the one in Lange Park are incorporated into park design to provide a place for park neighbors to get exercise by walking or jogging. Three times around the trail loop at Lange Park, which includes the sidewalk along Smiley Ln., makes a mile.

Address: 2011 Smiley Ln.

Trail Miles: 0.3, loop, gravel and concrete; 400 meter track, limestone

Shepard Boulevard Park Exercise Station and Track

Shepard Blvd. Elementary School Track

During off-school hours, neighborhood residents can use this 0.3-mile, asphalt track complete with exercise stations.

Address: 2616 Shepard Blvd.

Trail Miles: 0.3 mile, asphalt track, with exercise stations

West Middle School Track

West Middle School Track

Address: 401 Clinkscales Rd.

Trail Miles: 400 meter track, limestone