Bear Creek Trail

Bear Creek Trail

The Bear Creek Trail is located in northern Columbia and links two of the city's most popular large parks, the 533-acre Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area and the 81.5-acre Albert-Oakland Park. In general, the trail follows the natural drainage system of the Bear Creek and runs in an east/west direction across the northern part of the city. The limestone trail is approximately 4.8 miles in length.

Trail Miles: 4.8 miles, limestone

County House Trail

County House Trail

County House Trail is a two-mile trail in the southwest quadrant of the city that extends from Stadium Blvd. at College Park Dr. to the MKT Trail at Twin Lakes Recreation Area. It is an 8-foot-wide concrete trail with a gravel side path between Stadium and the Twin Lakes Recreation Area entrance. Once inside Twin Lakes Recreation Area the trail routes through the parking lot and then a crushed limestone surface trail routes around the lake where it connects to the MKT Trail on the southeast corner of the park.

Address: 2500 Chapel Hill Rd.

Trail Miles: 2.0 miles, concrete with limestone side path, (limestone only around lake at Twin Lakes Recreation Area)

Grindstone Creek Trail

Grindstone Creek Trail

This 1.75-mile concrete trail routes from Grindstone Nature Area east under Old 63 through Waters-Moss Memorial Wildlife Area and generally follows Grindstone Creek to the confluence of the north and south forks, and then angles north to McGuire Blvd. At Grindstone Nature Area, it connects to the Hinkson Creek Trail, which makes up part of the southern and eastern portions of the proposed 30-mile trail loop around the city.

Address: 2011 Old Highway 63 S

Trail Miles: 1.75 miles, concrete

Hinkson Creek Trail

Hinkson Creek Trail

The Hinkson Creek Trail project is the result of a unique partnership between the City of Columbia and the University of Missouri. The trail connects Grindstone Nature Area to the MKT Trail. The City of Columbia's portion of the trail is 2.0 miles, beginning at Grindstone Nature Area, thru Capen Park, and connecting to the Hinkson Creek Recreation Area on the University of Missouri Campus. The University of Missouri's portion of the trail is 2.25 miles, extending from the City's portion of the Hinkson Creek Trail to the MKT Trail at the 6.75-mile marker, just west of the Stadium MKT Trailhead.

Trail Miles: Trail - 4.25 miles, (2 miles - City portion, 2.25 miles MU portion), limestone

Hominy Creek Trail from WW

Hominy Creek Trail

Hominy Creek Trail begins at the east end of Green Valley Drive and routes to the north of The Links apartment complex at Clark Lane up to Lillian Drive. The trail passes under Highway 63, East Broadway/Route WW, and Interstate 70. Hominy Creek Trail helps connect neighborhoods located in the area north of Interstate 70 and south of Indian Hills Park to the Columbia Trail System.

Address: Hominy Creek Trail, Columbia, MO 65201, USA

Trail Miles: 2.9 miles, concrete

MKT Trail Young Cyclists

MKT Nature and Fitness Trail

The MKT Trail is Columbia's premiere multi-use trail. It ranked second in the nation for "Best Urban Trail" in the 2016 USA Today's 10 Best Readers' Choice Awards. This 10-foot wide trail built on the old railbed of the MKT railroad begins in downtown Columbia in Flat Branch Park at 4th and Cherry Streets. The all-weather crushed limestone surface provides opportunities for walking, running, and cycling. The City's 4.7 mile MKT links to Boone County's 4.2 miles of trail at the southwest edge of the city at Scott Blvd. The County's trail connects with the State of Missouri's Katy Trail State Park near McBaine. The distance from the start of the MKT Trail to the Katy Trail is 8.9 miles. The KATY Trail extends for 240 miles from St. Charles in eastern Missouri to Sedalia in western Missouri.

Trail Miles: 8.9 miles, limestone (4.7 miles - City of Columbia, 4.2 miles - Boone County)

Bonnie View Nature Area

Scott’s Branch Trail

The trail begins at Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary located at 3300 Rollins Rd. and travels south to Chapel Hill Rd. There is a trail connector through Fairview Park to Fairview Elementary School to provide a safe and enjoyable route to school for students.

Address: 3300 Rollins Rd.

Trail Miles: 1.7 miles, concrete

South Providence Trail

South Providence Trail

The South Providence Trail runs alongside Providence Rd. from Old Plank Rd. to Green Meadows Rd. By use of the crosswalk at Providence and Old Plank Rd., trail users can commute from Rock Bridge Elementary School to Green Meadows Rd. Users can access the trail at any Providence Rd. intersection along the way.

Trail Miles: 1.7 miles, concrete with limestone side path