“Stop the Spread!” of Invasive Callery Pear Tree Hybrids

(Comus Florida)
(Cercis Canadensis)
(Cladrastis Lutea)
Blackhaw Viburnum
(Viburnum Prunifolium)
(Ostrya Virginiana)
Downy Serviceberry
(Amelanchier Arborea)
(Prunus Virginia)
(Nyssa Sylvatica)
Red Horsechestnut
(Aesculus Pavia)
American Hornbeam
(Carpinus Caroliniana)
Printable list of Alternative Treesopens PDF file

The solution to this invasive issue ultimately lies in the hands of homeowners, landscapers and developers. Please consider one of the many non-invasive alternatives to Callery pear trees when undertaking new landscape projects or large community developments. A decrease in the number of Callery pear cultivars and hybrids would be beneficial for our entire community to potentially reduce power outages, save costs of trimming and tree removal, and create a more ecologically balanced community forest.

Educational brochures and posters for the “Stop the spread!” campaign are available at the Parks Management Center, 1507 Bus. Loop 70W, Columbia, Missouri. Contact 573-874-7201 to make arrangements to pick up a poster.

About the “Stop the spread!” Campaign

Stop the spread poster in pdf format.
“Stop the spread!” poster

The “Stop the spread!” campaign is a multi-faceted approach to managing invasive Callery pears in our community, which includes an educational program and clearing and removal work. The budget for the project was $15, 664, with the Missouri Department of Conservation contributing up to $9,896 through their Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance (T.R.I.M.) Grant and the City of Columbia providing a match of $5, 768 in force account labor, equipment costs, and donated labor from the TreeKeepers.

The following were included in the educational component: