Stephens Lake Park – Related Articles

Sleds fly at Stephens Lake Park
Columbia Missourian, 1/11/2011

All of Stephens Lake Park’s a stage
Columbia Daily Tribune, 6/27/2010

Stephens Lake Park Amphitheater debuted to the public
Columbia Missourian – 6/26/2010

Stephens Lake Park Amphitheater scheduled to open 
Columbia Missourian – 6/24/2010

Saturday: Space pandas invade new Stephens Lake amphitheater
Columbia Daily Tribune, 6/24/2010

Park’s stage ready for debut
Columbia Daily Tribune, 6/21/2010

Columbia is Falling for Waterfallsopens PDF file
Missouri Parks and Recreation Magazine – Fall 2009

UPDATE: Columbians deal with summer heat
Columbia Missourian – 6/23/2009

Parks official: Stephens Lake amphitheater to be completed on time
Columbia Missourian – 6/17/2009

Day one of Art in the Park a big hit
Columbia Missourian – 6/6/2009

Columbia providing free Wi-Fi in two parks
Columbia Missourian – 5/29/2009

Flashlight Easter egg hunt attracts children despite chilly weather
Columbia Missourian – 4/10/2009

Volunteer efforts pay off for aquatic restoration project
Columbia Missourian – 8/23/2008

Stephens Lake Park closer to master plan
Columbia Missourian – 7/14/2008

Springtime Fishing
Columbia Missourian – 5/29/2008

Stephens Lake Park gets redbud grove
Columbia Missourian – 4/29/2008

Freezing for a reason
Columbia Missourian – 2/2/2008

The renaissance of Stephens Lake Park
Columbia Missourian – 8/30/2007

Waterfall and bridge being constructed at Stephens Lake Park
Columbia Missourian – 8/22/2007

Staying on target
Columbia Missourian – 7/29/2007

Memories mark park dedication
Columbia Missourian – 6/27/2005

Walk in the park
Columbia Daily Tribune – 6/27/2005

Lake on east side is a jewel among all city treasures 
Columbia Daily Tribune – 6/26/2005

Festivities to dedicate Stephens Lake Park
Columbia Daily Tribune – 6/25/2005

Park art takes shape
Columbia Daily Tribune – 6/16/2005

Parks department gathers Stephens Lake suggestions
Columbia Daily Tribune – 5/23/2001

Park managers seek input on master plan
Columbia Daily Tribune – 4/3/2001

Neighborhood Roundup (P&R public forums)
Columbia Daily Tribune – 4/3/2001

Stephens property open for sledding
Columbia Daily Tribune – 12/15/2000

City angling for winter access to Stephens Lake
Columbia Daily Tribune – 11/18/2000

Lake supporters bouyant
Columbia Daily Tribune – 11/8/2000

Voters out in droves for historic election
Columbia Daily Tribune – 11/7/2000

Parks tax – Effects on the City Budget
Columbia Daily Tribune – 11/4/2000

Stephens Lake tests ‘very clean’ – City hopes results allay foes’ worries
Columbia Daily Tribune – 11/3/2000

Proposition 1
Columbia Daily Tribune – 11/5/2000

Stephens property open to the public next two Sundays
Columbia Daily Tribune – 10/26/2000

Open Column – History of Stephens Lake important to Cherokees
Columbia Daily Tribune – 10/26/2000

Election 2000 – Stephens Lake offer drives Proposition 1
Columbia Daily Tribune – 10/17/2000

Neighbors pressing for green space
Columbia Daily Tribune – 3/14/2000

City eyes Stephens property
Columbia Daily Tribune – 2/15/1999