Adult Softball

Schedules and Standings

Schedules and standing are not available at this time.


Registrations for Adult Sports may be taken  on-line, by walk-in to the main Parks and Recreation office located at 1 South 7th St., or by calling 874-7460. Faxed registrations will NOT be accepted.

Click here for on-line registration.

All seasons begin registration on February 3, 2020. Click here for 2020 Softball registration

Spring: Registration ends March 27 or until leagues are filled.

Summer: Registration ends in May or June, depending on Spring rainouts or until filled.

Fall: Registration will end August 23 or until filled. Leagues will start September 3.

Games Begin:

Spring: April

Summer: June or depending on spring rainouts

Fall: September 3 or depending on summer rainouts


Spring and Summer – (8) games $329.60, (16) games DH; $659.20

Fall – (6) games $247.20, (12) games $494.40

# of Games: 

Spring – 8 games, 16 for DH leagues

Summer – 8 games, 16 for DH leagues

Fall – 6 games, 12 for DH leagues.

Rules & Policies:

Adult Softball Rules

Cancellation Notifications:

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