Soccer Field Reservations and Practice Fields

Field Reservation Contact:
Cavelle Cole-Neal, (573) 874-7612
Rainout Hotline:
(573) 874-7663

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Game Fields – Reservable

“Friendly Play” Reservations

Rental Fees

Soccer Seasons and Reservation Priorities

Practice Soccer Fields – Reservable

Practice Soccer Fields – Non-Reservable

Rainout/Cancellation Policy

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Map of Cosmo Soccer Fields

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soccer field in Cosmo Park

Cosmo Park Game Fields (official games only) – Reservable

There are 19 soccer fields located at Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area (aka Cosmo Park). To ensure quality fields, soccer field rules and regulations have been established to allow use of soccer fields for game play only. Use of the fields for practices is not allowed. This policy is key to being able to maintain quality fields for use by Columbia soccer players and has been in place for over ten years.

Map of Cosmo Soccer Fields

Practice Fields C13, C14, and C16

Three Cosmo soccer fields are available to reserve for practices when not otherwise programmed. Below are practice conditions:

  • Practices are by reservation only. Please call Cavelle Cole-Neal at 573-874-7612 to reserve.
  • Reservation fee is $18 per hour.
  • Field will not be lined, but will have large goals set.

Soccer fields are open for reservations beginning in March through the end of May for the Spring season and re-open the beginning of September through October 31 for the Fall season. Soccer fields can be reserved for Tuesdays thru Sundays between the hours of 7am thru 11pm. There will be no play on the soccer fields on Mondays. This will allow the field maintenance crew to fertilize, top dress, apply weed control, etc.

Soccer Team “Friendly” Play

Effective with the Fall 2009 soccer season, Cosmo Park Soccer Fields (except fields 4 & 5) will be available for “friendly” play reservations under the following conditions:

  1. Contact Cavelle Cole-Neal, 573-874-7612, to reserve a soccer field with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover.
  2. You must give the name of both team names.
  3. Practices are NOT ALLOWED so that the field quality can be maintained.
  4. Fields will be lined and will have goals.
  5. Use of fields will be subject to Columbia Parks and Recreation cancellation policy.
  6. Violators of field rules will lose privileges.
  7. Fields available during the months of March through May and September through October.

Soccer Field
Per Game Fee 
(game = 1.5 hours)
Per Day Fee
Cosmo Park Fields 1-8 (irrigated; 3, 4, & 5 have lights)
Cosmo Park Fields 9 thru 19 (not irrigated)
Special Field Prep (in addition to rental rate)
All field reservations require a non-refundable $25 per field, per day deposit. Reservation fees must be paid in full at least 60 days prior to the reservation. Reservations are non-refundable, however, if a reservation is canceled by the Parks and Recreation Department a full refund will be granted. 

Soccer Seasons and Reservation Priorities

Spring: April thru mid-May
Fall: first of September thru end of October

Reservation priorities are:

  1. Sporting Columbia
  2. All others, first-come, first-served until the maximum number of games per field is reached

Soccer fields are closed for renovations and repair from the end of the Sporting Columbia Club season until the beginning of the Show-Me State Games. At the conclusion of the Show-Me State Games, the fields will be rested and unavailable for play until the start of the Sporting Columbia Club fall season.

Practice Soccer Fields – Reservable

Soccer Field Description Per Hour Fee
(2 hour max)
Scott Blvd. West Field
3662 Scott Blvd.
(120′ x 60′)
reservable large soccer field at Scott Blvd.
Scott Blvd. East Field
3662 Scott Blvd.
(120′ x 60′)
small soccer field at Scott Blvd.
Jay Dix Station
Soccer Fields
3725 S. Scott Blvd.
Field #1
(225′ x 100′)
Yards: 75 x 30
Jay Dix Station soccer practice field
Jay Dix Station
Soccer Fields
3725 S. Scott Blvd.
Field #2
(160′ x 100′)
Yards: 50 x 30
Soccer field
Jay Dix Station
Soccer Fields
3725 S. Scott Blvd.
Field #3
(160′ x 100′)
Yards: 50 x 30
soccer field at Jay Dix Station

Field reservation guidelines are:

  1. Fields are available on a first-come, first-served unless there is a reservation for the field. The reservation will take priority.
  2. Reservations should be made on the hour. There is a maximum of 2 hours per night per team.
  3. Goals and nets are provided. There will be no lining of the fields. To have the fields lined, a fee of $250 would be charged.
  4. All reservations should follow the rainout policies established by the Columbia Parks & Recreation Department.

Practice Soccer Fields – Non-Reservable

School Practice Areas
Type and # of Fields
Shepard Elementary 2 Fields
West Boulevard 2 Fields
Mill Creek Elementary 1 Field
Derby Ridge Elementary 1 Field
Rock Bridge Elementary 2 Fields
New Haven Elementary 1 Field
Parkade Elementary Open Space
Fairview Elementary 1 Field/Open Space
Two Mile Prairie Elementary 1 Field
Smithton Middle School Open Space
Park Practice Areas
Park Map
Type and # of Fields
Shepard Boulevard Park Park Map 1 Small Field
Woodridge Park Park Map 1 Field
Valleyview Park Park Map 1 Goal
Albert-Oakland Park Park Map 2 Fields
Again St. Park Park Map 1 Goal
Bear Creek Park Park Map Open Space/ Play Field
Cosmo-Bethel Park Park Map Open Space/ Play Field
Rock Quarry Park Park Map 1 Field
Fairview Park Park Map 2 Fields
Clary-Shy Park (ARC) Park Map Open Space/ Play Field
Indian Hills Park Park Map Open Space/Play Field
Jay Dix Station Park Map Open Space/Play Field
McKee Street Park Park Map Open space/Play Field
Rock Bridge Park Park Map Open space/Play Field
Smithton Park Park Map Open space/Play Field
Stephens Lake Park Park Map Open space/Play Field

Rainout/Cancellation Policy

The Columbia Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel all field reservations due to inclement weather conditions or unsafe field conditions. A decision is usually made by 4pm on weekdays and 7am on weekends. The cancellations will be posted on our hotline, 874-7663.

If your reservation is cancelled by Parks & Recreation, you must call the next business day to reschedule your reservation at 874-7460, otherwise your reservation is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Cancellation Guidelines for Athletic Fields

Hotline (573) 874-7663

Weekdays – All cancellations are updated daily by 4pm. Note that only existing cancellations are listed. If conditions change after 4pm, a decision will be made at the field.

Weekends & Holidays – Soccer cancellations are updated by 7am. If the conditions change to warrant a cancellation, the Hotline will be updated accordingly.

Web Mail

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Visit Sporting Columbia web site (co-sponsored provider of area youth soccer program).