A Typical Day at Camp CoMo Kidz

A child arriving at Camp CoMo Kidz has a lot to look forward to that day! In the morning there may be a field trip to a fun place like a dairy farm or local pizza establishment. There will also be special classes, called Adventure Blocks, that may include canoeing, archery and fishing.

After an all-camp meeting with the camp director, everyone divides into their units and the counselors lead their campers into the day’s activities. Constant supervision and guidance from Camp CoMo Kidz staff ensures that each camper is kept occupied and challenged. (Not all adventure blocks are offered each session.)

A big part of each day is learning outdoor living skills. Many other important skills are passed on to campers so they can gain a greater understanding of the outdoors. These are skills the campers learn the correct, safe way the first time and will remember for the rest of their lives.

After a busy morning, campers spend lunch break with their unit. This is a chance to relax and enjoy time with new friends. It’s also the time to discuss plans for an exciting afternoon.

Afternoons at Camp CoMo Kidz keep the action going. There may be more field trips, sports and games (if it’s a hot day, there will surely be water games), arts and crafts, and, twice a week, visits to Albert-Oakland Family Aquatic Center for an afternoon of swimming. In inclement weather, campers may visit the ARC.

Throughout a Camp CoMo Kidz day, children learn respect for nature, the outdoors, their fellow campers, and themselves. Campers will likely return home each day anxious to share their most recent adventures at Camp CoMo Kidz.