50+ Program

Columbia Parks and Recreation’s 50 Plus Program offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities for those 50 years and older.

The Waters-Moss Memorial Wildlife Memorial Area is home to the 50+ Program. Visit our office at Hillcrest Community Center  at 1907 Hillcrest Dr and Moss Building are now home to weekday use by 50+ adults. 

Programs take place at Hillcrest Community Center, Moss Building, and the Waters House


Mon-Fri, 9 am to 4 pm
50+ Front Desk phone: 573-874-7475
50+ Trips (previously OAK Tours) new phone: 573-441-5525

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Hillcrest Community Center

2018 Membership flyer

Calendars and Newsletters:

July 2019 Newsletter

July 2019 Calendar

Information about the New Theatre

2019 Membership flyer

Your 50+ Membership costs $25-40 per year, depending on which programs you’re interested in. Come by and see what we’re up to!


Call us or check the current Leisure Times for details about our programs!

50 plus program at The New Theatre

50 plus program cooking