White Gate Park History

Year Property Acquired: 2018
Purchase Price: $250,000 
Acquired From: Columbia Insurance Group 


Park staff was contacted in August 2017 by representatives of the Columbia Insurance Group about the availability of this property and the potential to provide a neighborhood park in this area of Columbia. Ongoing negotiations from the first meeting with their representatives to now eventually led to a tentative agreement to purchase 2.24 acres for
$250,000. This negotiated price is below fair market value, with the difference representing a donation by the seller. The need for this property was identified in the City’s 2013 Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan,
which evaluated future needs for neighborhood park land acquisitions.

The property was appraised by Cannon, Blaylock & Wise on September 20, 2017; and as
shown on the attached appraisal, was valued at $490,000 for the vacant land parcel
identified as Lot Three (3) of White Gate Community, Plat Two (2).

Capital Improvement Projects and Other Council Items
Year Completed Description
2018 Council Item: Whitegate property acquisition