Longview Park

4980 Gillespie Bridge Rd.

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Acres: 11.2 acres

Park Hours: 6 am to 11 pm

Multi-Use Trail Miles: 0.5 miles

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Map of Longview Park

Park History

The 11-acre parcel for Longview Park was purchased by the City of Columbia’s Sewer Utility Department in 1996 from the Vanlandingham family to serve as buffer land adjacent to the City’s sewage treatment plant. It was eventually transferred to the Parks and Recreation Department in exchange for a sewer easement across Stephens Lake Park. The development of the park was funded in 2004, but was the project was delayed until park staff worked out some of the adjacent lot issue problems. After working with neighbors and the neighborhood association, a master plan for the park was developed. This included rebuilding and relocating he pond to allow a perimeter trail and securing both a temporary and permanent easement off private property located at the terminus of Lisa Lorane Dr.

The cost of developing Longview Park was $124,000, which was funded from the quarter-cent sales tax approved by voters in 1999. The park was completed and dedicated on June 14, 2008.


Date: June 14, 2008
Dedication Program

About 40 neighbors, City staff, Council members, and Parks and Recreation Commissioners gathered for the dedication of Longview Neighborhood Park on Saturday, June 14, 2008. Neighbors came from across the street to the east and up the newly constructed trail from the west to attend the dedication program.

One neighbor, Barbara Baker Midgley, wrote the following poem in appreciation for the new park. Mike Hood, Director of Parks and Recreation, read the poem as part of the dedication ceremony.

A park’s a place of such natural joy

Made for woman, man or boy

Good for rest and great for play

Most any ole’ day

Or, if it’s windy, fly a kite

Even if it snows, a snowball fight

So mind your manners

And keep it clean

And Mother Nature’ll be pleased

And keep it green


Longview Park Dedication