Jay Dix Station History

M-K-T Railway

The original name for this area was Turner Station. When trains were still running on the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railway (which later received the famous nickname “Katy”), this area was a train stop for livestock loading. There wasn’t a station in the sense of having a building at this location; but there was a stockyard close by, and farmers loaded their livestock for shipping at this train stop.

MKT Railway

Naming of Jay Dix Station

On November 12, 2002, Boone County lost its esteemed medical examiner, Dr. Jay Dix, who had served the County for more than twenty years. At the December 31, 2002 Boone County Commission Meeting, Commissioner Stamper stated that the elected officials of Boone County had made a decision earlier that month to name a County asset in honor of Dr. Jay Dix. In doing so, a letter of inquiry and proclamation were circulated, and the proclamation was signed by all elected officials. Commissioner Stamper moved to adopt the following proclamation:

Doctor Jay Dix

Whereas, on November 12, 2002, Boone County lost its esteemed medical examiner, Dr. Jay Dix, who had served the county for more than twenty years; and,

Whereas. Dr/ Jay Dix demonstrated his commitment to Boone County and Central Missouri through professional and personal contributions to the community; and,

Whereas, Dr. Jay Dix valued human life and always worked diligently and effectively to determine causation when a death occurred under unusual circumstances or at the hands of another; and,

Whereas, Dr. Jay Dix, as medical examiner, labored with law enforcement, attorneys, and the local judicial system, seeking truth and justice; and,

Whereas, Dr. Jay Dix, performed more than 3000 autopsies as Boone County’s medical examiner, demonstrated fairness to the state and the defense while testifying in hundreds of trials, and earned a reputation as one of our nation’s finest medical examiners; and,

Whereas, Dr. Jay Dix loved the outdoors, the pursuit of physical fitness, and the beauty and wonder of nature; and,

Whereas, Dr. Jay Dix held the conviction that life is precious and fragile, as expressed through his own words: “We should do our best to cherish every day we have.”

THEREFORE, we, the elected officials of Boone County, Missouri, do hereby recognize Dr. Jay Dix for his outstanding contributions to Boone County and his loyalty and commitment to its citizens.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that we hereby name the parking lot at the MKT Trail where the city and county meet near Scott Boulevard as “Jay Dix Station.” This area shall for all time be named in his honor because of his special interest in the MKT Trail and his dedicated service to the people of Boone County.

Commissioner Miller seconded the motion. There was no discussion and no public comment.

Jay Dix Station MKT Trail

Under Boone County Management

Under County management, the property had a parking lot to serve as a trailhead for the MKT Trail. The County’s portion of the trail begins at Scott Blvd. and runs through the property, connecting to the Katy Trail State Park at McBaine.

Boone County Property

City and County Enter Co-op Agreement

In 2009, the City of Columbia and Boone County entered into a park operating agreement, whereby the City would take over the responsibility of developing and maintaining a park at Jay Dix Station for the benefit of Boone County residents, with the exception of the existing Boone County MKT Trail, which would remain under the jurisdiction of the County. The legislation authorizing the cooperative agreement was approved at the September 21, 2009 City Council Meeting.

Park Development, Annexation, and New Address

The park development was included on the 2010 Park Sales Tax ballot project list and was funded in Fiscal Year 2013. The property was also annexed into the city limits in 2013. The property address was changed from 3775 S. Scott Blvd. to 3725 S. Scott Blvd. after the Scott Blvd. road realignment project in 2014. Construction of the park was completed in 2015.

Information regarding the park development project and any subsequent capital improvement projects can be found by following the link(s) below.


Date: May 3, 2015
Dedication Program

Ribbon cutting at Jay Dix Station dedication

Capital Improvement Projects
Year Completed Project Description
Jay Dix Station Development
Jay Dix Station Improvement – Addition of a Caboose