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    Fairview Elementary School Track
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  • Fairview Park

Fairview Park – School

1001 Fairview Rd.

Directions Large Map

Acres: 27.2 acres

Park Hours: 6 am to 11 pm

Nature Trail Miles: 0.5 miles

Maps & Documents

Map of Fairview Parkopens PDF file

Park Amenities

Activity Areas

Fields – Practice

  • Soccer (1 junior, 1 regular)

Picnic Areas

Reservable Shelters



Fairview Elementary School 400-Meter Track

This community park is adjacent to Fairview Elementary School off of Fairview Road. It shares a parking lot with the school on the north side of the park. The park includes four tennis courts, a reservable shelter, restroom, garden plots (available for rent), playground, and soccer practice fields. The east side of the park is heavily wooded, with more open space on the west side. The park has a connection to the Scott’s Branch Trail.

Capital Improvement Projects