Fairview Hollow Nature Area History

Year Property Acquired: 2019
Purchase Price: Donation
Acquired From: MBS Realty Partners, LP


In early January 2019, the Parks and Recreation Department was approached by representatives of MBS inquiring about the possibility of accepting a 7.81 acre tract of land as a potential addition of wooded natural area to the City’s park system. After reviewing the tract of land and discussing it with City Management, staff expressed interest in accepting the donation. The City Council approved the donation on April 15, 2019.

The property was accepted as a donation with the following terms included in the agreement:

  1. The property shall be maintained by the city as a “wooded natural area” park for the benefit of Columbia citizens.
  2. The property shall not be developed with shelters, restrooms, or other structures that would detract from its pristine “wooded natural area.”
  3. The P&R Department shall reasonably maintain the property by removing, if necessary, any dead or hazardous trees or underbrush.
  4.  The name for the area shall be Fairview Hollow Nature Area.
  5.  None of the above conditions/restrictions shall impair the City’s discretion in connection with any street, roadway, or utility realignment/location on the property including, but not limited to the realignment of Fairview Road and related utilities.

On May 6, 2019 the City Council recognized MBS Realty Partners, LP for the donation of 7.81 acres.

Capital Improvement Projects and Other Council Items
Year Completed Description
2019 Council Item: Fairview Hollow Nature Area property acquisition