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Cascades Park

6900 Sinclair Rd.

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Acres: 12.6 acres

Park Hours: 6 am to 11 pm

Multi-Use Trail Miles: 0.3 miles, concrete, gravel

Maps & Documents

Map of Cascades Park

Cascades Parcel Map

Park History

In 2004 LPBW Development Company, LLC, donated two tracts of land totaling 12.7 acres in the Cascades subdivision to the City of Columbia for public park and open space use.

Tract 1 is 11.2 acres in size and is located on the southern edge of the subdivision with frontage along MO Route K. Approximately 2/3 of this tract is level open space and well-suited for development of neighborhood park facilities. The remainder of the lot is primarily a wooded drainage, which will serve as natural green space. The proposed donation agreement does stipulate that the final plat of this tract will set aside right-of-way for the future relocation of Sinclair Dr.

Tract 2 is 1.5 acres in size and adjoins the northern boundary of Tract 1. This tract is primarily a continuation of the natural drainage system which is part of Tract 1, but does provide access to Bellingham Dr.

The development of the park was funded by the 2005 Park Sales Tax and was budgeted in the City’s Fiscal Year 2009 Capital Improvement Program. The park was completed in 2010.

Capital Improvement Projects

Year Completed Project Description
2010 Cascades Neighborhood Park Development