• Scenic overlook
  • Capen Bridge
  • Photo of bridge connecting Capen Park and Grindstone Nature Area
  • Capen Park bluff
  • Photo of Hinkson Creek at Capen Park
  • Hinkson Bridge over the creek

Capen Park

1600 Capen Park Dr.

Directions Large Map

Acres: 31.9 Acres

Park Hours: 6 am to 11 pm

Nature Trail Miles: 0.5 mile

Maps & Documents

Park Map

Park Amenities

Rock climbers enjoy the bluffs and scenic overlooks at this park. The City of Columbia has a mulch site at this location where citizens can drop off yard waste and pick up free mulch at the City’s mulch site . This park has bridge connections to Grindstone Nature Area and the Hinkson Creek Trail.


Park History

In 1978, 21.25 acres of Capen Park were acquired by the City from James and Lucy Capen. Six of the acres were donated by the couple, while the other 15.25 were bought at a price of $65,000. Monies for this purchase came from both the Public Improvement Fund and a grant from the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation. Eleven acres of this land had been leased to the City by the Capens since 1971. In 1983, an additional 10.34 acres were acquired, with 4.75 being donated and 5.59 being purchased, both from the Capens again. This second section of land is contiguous with the first portion acquired in 1978. The purchase price for the 5.59 acres was $55,890. Today, Capen Park’s thirty plus acres remain much as they were two decades ago, the natural scenery almost completely unaffected by City acquisition.

Capital Improvement Projects

Year Completed Project Description
2009 Parking Lot/Drive Improvements – New Asphalt
  Capen/Grindstone Trailhead Improvements
2015 Hinkson/Capen Bridge Improvements