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  • Bonnie View Nature Area
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Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary

3300 Rollins Rd.

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Acres: 92.5

Park Hours: 6 am to 11 pm

Maps & Documents

Park Master Plan - Funded & Futureopens PDF file

Park Master Plan - Fundedopens PDF file

Map of Bonnie View Nature Sanctuaryopens PDF file

Park Amenities

Picnic Areas

Restrooms (open April 15 to Oct 15)


Park Rules

The Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary is a unique, 92.5-acre park dedicated to preserving the natural beauty and history of Columbia and providing an urban wildlife sanctuary for native plants and animals. The Nature Sanctuary provides an educational opportunity about the natural environment of Missouri to visitors of all ages. To help ensure that the Nature Sanctuary operates within the Parks and Recreation mission and guests enjoy the benefits of the Nature Sanctuary, please follow these guidelines:

Park Hours: 6:00 am to 11:00 pm.

  1. No collection, destruction or defacement of anything, living or non-living, in the Nature Sanctuary.
  2. Please do not feed the wildlife or birds that inhabit the Nature Sanctuary.
  3. Please keep bikes off nature trails, and all hikers should stay on designated nature/walking trails.
  4. No dogs or domestic pets at the shelter or west of the Scott’s Branch Trail.
  5. No skateboarding within the parking lot, shelter, or on the Prairie Education Trail. Skateboards are allowed on the Scott’s Branch Trail.
  6. No picnicking in areas other than the designated shelter area.
  7. No amplified music at any time. Amplified sound, such as a PA system, may be used from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm by permit only. Permits are issued by completing a Park Special Use Permit form and a Sound Amplification Equipment Registration application with the Columbia Police Department.
  8. All other park rules apply – see Columbia Code of Ordinances, Chapter 17.

Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary History

Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary Dedication

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