3M Wetlands Interpretive Sign: “Welcome to the Flat Branch-Hinkson Creek Wetlands”

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birds flyingWetland and Pavilion Hours:
6AM to 11PM

Wetlands are important to the watersheds we all live in. Wetlands are part of the natural system that provides clean water, stores and slows down stormwater, and protects creek banks from erosion and property damage. Wetlands are also habitats for wildlife that cattails and dragonflies.provide opportunities for recreation, such as bird watching, hunting, fishing, and hiking. Stormwater runoff picks up lawn chemicals, fertilizer, pet waste, oil and other pollutants and carries them directly to our creeks and streams and groundwater.

Wetlands intercept polluted runoff before it reaches creeks or streams. Wetland plants and soils store pollutants and minerals like nitrogen and phosphorus and release them slowly as plants die and decompose. Plants also catch silt to prevent it from clouding streams.

Water exits the wetlands cleaner than when it arrived. An acre of wetland can hold about a million gallons of water and release it slowly. This wetland restores important ecological functions to the landscape, and enhances water quality for all the citizens of Columbia, Missouri.

To learn more about this wetland, visit the Wetland Pavilion and take a tour on the trail.