Regional parks are normally 200 acres or more, with a service area up to five miles. They are usually located in close proximity to major highways or arterial roads to accommodate relatively large volumes of traffic at peak times. They are designed to provide a diversity of recreational opportunities in both natural settings and intensely developed indoor or outdoor facilities that can accommodate large numbers of people without significant deterioration of the recreation experience. Lighted facilities and extended hours of operation are the norm. In Columbia, several of our sport complexes are located at our regional parks.

entrance to Cosmo Park

Cosmo Park

1615 Business Loop 70 W.

Cosmo Park is Columbia's largest municipal park, one of two regional parks in the park system. It is host to the annual Show-Me State Games as well as many soccer, football, lacrosse, softball, baseball, golf, tennis, mountain bike, and skateboard tournaments and events. It has the largest playground in Columbia's park system - Steinberg Playground, is home to Columbia Skate Park and L. A. Nickell Golf Course, and is a trailhead for the Bear Creek Trail.
Gans Creek Recreation Area

Gans Creek Recreation Area

3350 E. Gans Rd.

Gans Creek Recreation Area is a 320-acre park in southeast Columbia on E. Gans Road off of Highway 63 at the Discovery Parkway exit. The park was planned together with A. Perry Philips Park, which is located on the north side of E Gans Road, so that together the parks would make up a southeast regional park to serve Columbia and surrounding communities. Currently, Gans Creek Recreation Area has multipurpose sports game fields and a concession/restroom with more amenities under construction. It is the home of Columbia's premiere cross county track that serves as the home course for the University of Missouri.