Park Site Nomination

The Columbia Parks & Recreation Department  is continually identifying opportunities and gathering information for potential park land acquisitions. Community nominations are one of the ways that the Department learns about these opportunities. If you have land for sale or know of available property in the Columbia area that fits the land acquisition needs as outlined in the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan (specifically, see the Neighborhood Parks Plan and Trails Plan – links below) or would otherwise be desirable to be preserved as park land or green space, please fill out the Park Site Nomination Form by clicking on the link below. The funding for park land acquisition comes from the voter-approved Park Sales Tax, which is designated solely for the “purpose of providing funding for local parks for the municipality.”

Please complete as much of this form as you can, but do not worry if you cannot answer every question. However, the more information you can provide, the easier it will be for staff to identify and evaluate the site. Fields marked with an asterisk* are required. All site nominations go directly to Mike Griggs, Director of Parks and Recreation.


Family at Stephens Lake Park

Man standing on cliff at Capen Park


(Refer to plans below to see if your proposed site fills a need identified in the park master plan)