3M Shelter

3M Flat Branch-Hinkson Creek Wetlands

These wetlands were created to help filter stormwater runoff and provide habitat for wildlife. The wetland cells treat stormwater runoff from approximately 140 acres of urban watershed and can store an estimated 10,000,000 gallons of runoff. Visitors will enjoy walking the 1.25 mile loop trail around the wetlands to observe the wildlife and read the educational signs.
Photo of playground at Again St. Park

Again Street Park-School

1200 Again St.

Again St. Park is a neighborhood park that features a picnic shelter, playground, climbing wall, fitness course trail, basketball court, and playfield with a backstop. It sits on ten acres of land adjacent to West Boulevard Elementary School. The park land is owned by Columbia Public School District and leased to the City of Columbia for use as a public park.
Atkins Park

Atkins Park

5220 N. Oakland Gravel Rd.

Atkins Park is home to a premiere five-field lighted, irrigated baseball complex complete with batting cages, concession stand/restrooms, picnic areas, and picnic shelter. The park is located in north Columbia adjacent to the Boone County Fairgrounds. It is jointly owned by the City of Columbia and the County of Boone and managed by Columbia Parks and Recreation.

Auburn Hills Shelter

Auburn Hills Park

5101 Derby Ridge Dr.

This 12-acre neighborhood park primarily serves Auburn Hills Subdivision off of East Brown School Road. The park has a playground, non-reservable shelter, half basketball court, 0.3 mile loop trail, open play field, and pond.

Barberry Shelter

Barberry Park

3405 Zinnia Dr.

This five-acre neighborhood park has a fishing lake and dock, non-reservable shelter, half basketball court, playground, and a concrete loop trail around the lake.

Bear Creek Shelter

Bear Creek Park

1402 Elleta Blvd.

This ten-acre neighborhood park primarily serves the Bear Creek Family Townhouse neighborhood. It has a non-reservable picnic shelter, playground, full basketball court, and a playfield with a backstop.
Photo of entrance to Cosmo Park

Cosmo Park

1615 Business Loop 70 W.

Cosmo Park is Columbia's largest municipal park, one of two regional parks in the park system. It is host to the annual Show-Me State Games as well as many soccer, football, lacrosse, softball, baseball, golf, mountain bike, and skateboard tournaments and events. It has the largest playground in Columbia's park system, is home to Columbia Skate Park and a trailhead for the Bear Creek Trail.
Cosmo-Bethel Lake

Cosmo-Bethel Park

4500 Bethel St.

This 40-acre community park is adjacent to Gentry Middle School. It shares a 12-court tennis complex with Columbia Public Schools, has a fishing lake with a lakeside trail, reservable shelters, playground, horseshoe pits, year-round restroom, and baseball/softball practice field. In the winter, the lake is stocked with trout for a winter trout fishing program. In the winter when the lake ice depth meets the criteria, the lake is opened for ice fishing.
Douglass Spraygrounds

Douglass Park & Pool – School

400 N. Providence Rd.

Douglass Park is a community park located in central Columbia. It is home to Douglass Pool and Spraygrounds, two full basketball courts, playground, outdoor amphitheater, restrooms, baseball/softball field, picnic shelters, horseshoe pits, and a skate spot. The part of park where the basketball courts and baseball field are located is on property owned by Columbia Public Schools. A schedule of events held at Douglass Park can be found on the Parks and Recreation Special Events page.

Downtown Optimist Shelter

Downtown Optimist Park

100 E. Forest Ave.

This small neighborhood park is located in central Columbia on the southeast corner of Grand and E Forest Avenues. It has a non-reservable shelter, playground, swingset, and half basketball court. The privacy fence on the south end of the property has a mural. This art project led by Jabberwocky Studios in conjunction with the Parks and Recreation CARE Program who gathered community input and inspiration, designed and painted a mural in the park to reflect the neighborhood's unique culture.

Dublin Shelter

Dublin Park

4101 Dublin Ave.

This wooded neighborhood park has a small non-reservable picnic shelter, playground, and access to the Scott's Branch Trail. The Scott's Branch Trail runs north through the park to an elevated boardwalk that leads to the Columbia Audubon Nature Sanctuary and on to Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary. Scott's Branch Trail connects the south end of the park to Scott Boulevard.
Flat Branch Park

Flat Branch Park

101 S. 4th St.

Flat Branch Park is located in downtown Columbia. The park runs along Flat Branch Creek and extends across two city blocks. The park includes a gazebo, picnic areas, spraygrounds, playground, art sculpture, demonstration rain garden, historical plaques, and is a trailhead for the MKT Trail. You can travel the MKT Trail all the way from Flat Branch Park to the statewide Katy Trail without having to cross a street. There is a bridge access to the Convention and Visitors Bureau located on the other side of the creek from the park.
Grindstone Nature Area deer

Grindstone Nature Area

2011 Old Hwy. 63 S.

This large nature area is a leash-free area for dogs (except on the Hinkson Creek Trail), has over five miles of nature trails, a picnic shelter, restrooms, and is a trailhead for the HInkson Creek Trail and the Grindstone Creek Trail. Wildflowers grow in the prairie areas.
Photograph of Highpointe Park

Highpointe Park

801 Huntridge Dr.

This neighborhood park has a non-reservable shelter, half basketball court, playground, sand volleyball court, open playfield, and a 0.4 loop trail (includes sidewalk along Huntridge Drive.)

Indian Hills Park

5009 Aztec Blvd.

5009 Aztec Blvd. (West entrance) 5390 Sandrock Dr. (East entrance) Park Amenities Activity Areas Basketball Court (1 court, full) Disc Golf Courses (18-hole) Playgrounds (3) Volleyball Courts (1) Dog … Continue reading Indian Hills Park
Photo of sign at Lange Park

Lange Park

2011 Smiley Ln.

Park Amenities Activity Areas Playgrounds Outdoors Picnic Areas Non-reservable Shelter Lange Park Shelter School 400m Tracks / Trails Lange Park Trail and Lange Middle School Track Adjacent to John B. Lange Middle School
Photo of Lion-Stephens Park

Lion-Stephens Park

104 N. Williams St.

Park Amenities Activity Areas Playgrounds Picnic Areas Non-reservable shelter Lion-Stephens Shelter Trails  Lions-Stephens Park Trail Exercise Station

Longview Park

4980 Gillespie Bridge Rd.

Park Amenities Activity Areas Basketball Court Playgrounds Lakes Outdoors Picnic Areas Non-Reservable Shelter Longview Shelter Trails Longview Park Trail
Photo of rain garden at Louisville Park

Louisville Park

806 Louisville Dr.

Park Amenities Activity Areas Basketball Court (half-court) Playgrounds Lakes Outdoors Picnic Areas Non-Reservable Shelter Louisville Shelter Trails Louisville Park Trail
Photo of Paquin Park

Paquin Park

212 Waugh St.

Park Amenities Activity Areas Basketball Court Game Tables Garden Plots Shuffleboard Courts Picnic Areas Non-Reservable Shelter Paquin Shelter
Photo of Parkade Park-School

Parkade Park-School

2200 Bear Creek Dr.

Park Amenities Activity Areas Basketball Court (at school) Playgrounds (at park and school) Fields – Practice Soccer (at school) Picnic Areas Non-Reservable Shelter Parkade Shelter Exercise Station (fitness cluster)
Rock Bridge Park sign

Rock Bridge Park

201 Miramar Ln.

Park Amenities Activity Areas Basketball Court (1, full court) Playgrounds (1) Fields – Practice Baseball/Softball (1) Picnic Areas Non-Reservable Shelter Rock Bridge Shelter

Smiley Lane Park

400 W. Smiley Ln.

Park Amenities Activity Areas Basketball Court (1, full court) Playgrounds (1) Pond Outdoors Picnic Areas Non-Reservable Shelter (1) Smiley Park Shelter Trails Smiley Lane Park … Continue reading Smiley Lane Park

Smithton Park

3501 W. Worley St.

Park Amenities Activity Areas Playgrounds (1) Fields – Practice Baseball/Softball (1) Outdoors Picnic Areas Non-Reservable Shelter (1) Smithton Shelter Trails Smithton Park Trail
Photo of park sign at Strawn Park

Strawn Park

801 N. Strawn Rd.

Park Amenities Activity Areas Disc Golf Courses (1, 18 holes) Harmony Bends Championship Disc Golf Course Outdoors Harmony Creek Perche Creek Riparian Zone Woodlands Picnic Areas Non-Reservable Shelter (1) Strawn Park Shelter