Louisville Park Demonstration Rain Garden

Louisville Park

806 Louisville Dr.

This neighborhood park can be accessed from the east off of Manhasset Drive and from the west from Louisville Avenue. The park features a half basketball court, non-reservable shelter, playground, loop trail, and open play field. It has a demonstration rain garden, native tree exhibit, and a magnificent oak tree off the terminus of Manhasset Drive.
Photo of Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Sign at Stadium Blvd.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial at Battle Garden

800 W. Stadium Blvd.

Park Amenities Outdoors Battle Garden Picnic Areas Reservable Shelter MLK Shelter MKT Trailside Building Restrooms (open April 15 to October 15) Trails Access to MKT Trail  
Stephens Lake Park entry sign

Stephens Lake Park

2001 E. Broadway

Park Amenities Activity Areas Playgrounds (3) Amphitheater Aquatics Water Play Areas Waterfalls (2) Lakes (11 acres) Fishing Lake (1) East side of boardwalk Non-motorized boating Swimming Lakes (1) Open May 1 to September 30 Unguarded facility, swim at your own risk Winter Sports Outdoors Children’s … Continue reading Stephens Lake Park