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Other Trail Information

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The Columbia Trail System features a variety of trails in different settings – parks, nature sanctuaries, along creeks and through wooded areas – with a variety of trail surfaces for runners, walkers, wheelers, and bicyclists. Amenities along the trails, such as water fountains, restrooms, and bike repair stations, are provided to make your journey easier. You can find the location of these amenities on the trails mapopens PDF file .

Trails have long been important to the quality of life for Columbians. In a 2015 city-wide citizen survey, it was found that 82 percent of Columbia households use the trail system! In fact, this love of trails extends outside Columbia’s borders – the state of Missouri in 2013 was named the “Best Trails State” by American Trails, a national, nonprofit organization working on behalf of the nation’s hiking, biking and riding trails. Columbia Parks and Recreation is proud to contribute to this designation.


Trails Guide & Map

Trail Guide and Mapopens PDF file
Click on image above to view Trail Guide and Map – (Map is on page 5).

COMO Trails App is available for iPhone and Android. Find your current location in relation to Columbia’s destination trails. Zoom in to see where restrooms, exercise stations, water fountains, parking lots, and bike repair stations are located. Download your free app from iTunes or Google Play.

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Trails Plan

The Trails Planopens PDF file is an important part of the overall Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan, which was completed and adopted in 2013. It is key to achieving the overall goal of having a trail system that serves recreational to nonmotorized travelers and connects citizens with parks, neighborhoods, schools, and businesses. It sets the priorities for future trail acquisition and development and prompts City officials to have developers set aside trail easements when their development plans go through the City approval process.

A primary part of the Trails Plan is the proposed 30 mile trail loop around Columbia. This is explained in Chapter 10 – Trail Acquisition and Developmentopens PDF file . Note the following excerpt from Chapter 10, page 179 of the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan.

“The 2013 Trails Plan proposes an approximately 30 mile long trail loop around Columbia, consisting of the MKT Trail, Hinkson Creek Trail, Bear Creek Trail, and the proposed Perche Creek Trail. In addition, the plan includes multiple connecting trails that link back to this main loop so that the trail system can be accessible to the majority of Columbia residents and resolves many of the current underserved areas.”

30 Mile Trail Loop Mapopens PDF file
Click on image above for an enlargement of the 30 Mile Trail Loop Plan

To date, about half of the 30-mail trail loop has been completed. The voter-approved extension of the 1/8-cent Park Sales Tax on the November 2015 ballot enabled more progress to be made toward completing the trail loop. (See 2015 Park Sales Tax Implementation Plan.) The Park Sales Tax is the primary source of funding for trail development projects.

History of Trail Development in Columbia, MO

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