Columbia Skate Park

Columbia Skate Park

Address: 1615 Bus. Loop 70 W.

Columbia Skate Park can be found at the north end of Cosmo Park right next to a roller hockey rink. There are no staff and is open to skaters year round (weather permitting) with no admission fee. Columbia Parks and Recreation usually hosts a Shred Fest event in June to celebrate National Skateboarding Day (see 'Special Events by Month' for further details).

Douglass Skate Park

Address: 400 North Providence Rd.

This 4,500 sq. foot skate spot is located in Douglass Park and can be accessed off of 5th Street. This facility has three ramps, funbox with grind rail, stairs with grind rail, and one-quarter pipe. There is no charge to use the skate spot. Helmets are strongly encouraged.

Smith Skate Park

2,000 sq. ft. – Concrete 1 Flat Grind Rail 2 Grind Benches 1 Stair with a Grind Rail 1 Ramp with a Grind Rail 2 – 1/4 Pipes

Smith Park