Albert-Oakland Shelter #1

Albert-Oakland Shelter 1

Address: 1900 Blue Ridge Rd.

This reservable shelter is located in the southeast portion of Albert-Oakland Park off of Edris Drive and has an adjoining restroom. The shelter can host up to 80 people. Albert-Oakland Park is home to two 18-hole disc golf courses, baseball/softball fields, Albert-Oakland Family Aquatic Center, playgrounds, and more!
Albert-Oakland Shelter #2

Albert-Oakland Shelter 2

Address: 1900 Blue Ridge Rd.

This reservable shelter is stationed in the northeast portion of Albert-Oakland Park on Blue Ridge Road neighboring a restroom, playground, and right across from Shelter 3. It can hold up to 100 people with approximately 9 picnic tables. Oakland Middle School is adjacent to the park.
Albert-Oakland Shelter #3

Albert-Oakland Shelter 3

Address: 1900 Blue Ridge Rd.

This shelter is reservable with a group size limit of 100, 9 picnic tables, and a seating capacity of 72. It is bordered by a parking lot, practice field, and playground. Albert-Oakland has several amenities, such as a large outdoor pool; pickleball, tennis, and basketball courts, baseball/softball fields, disc golf courses, and is a trailhead for Bear Creak Trail.

Antimi Shelter

Address: 1615 Business Loop 70 W.

Antimi shelter is a reservable picnic area located in the north portion of Cosmo Park. It is situated next to 1 grass volleyball court, a skate park/roller hockey rink, and a 6 field sports complex.
Bonnie View Shelter

Bonnie View Park Shelter

Address: 3300 Rollins Rd Columbia, MO

Located in Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary, this shelter is reservable within 92.5 acres of available land. Seating capacities range from 72 with approximately 9 picnic tables are based in the pavilion. Recommended group limit is 100, twenty-nine parking spaces, including buses. Shelter features include a double barbecue grill, electric service, drinking fountain, and a nearby restroom. Bonnie View Nature Area is a trailhead for the Scotts Branch Trail with scenic views of beautiful wildflowers in the prairie restoration area.
Burford Shelter

Burford Shelter

Address: 1615 Business Loop 70 W.

Set at 3,680 square feet, this reservable shelter is located in Cosmo park. It is available half-day to full-day while accommodating eighteen picnic tables, seating 144, and carrying a size limit of 200. Among the conveniences are 6 double volt outlets, 4 double fireplace barbeque grills, and over 62 parking spaces. Neighboring the premises are the following: Cosmo Fitness Trail, Steinberg playground, outdoor volleyball stations and restrooms.
Collins Shelter at Stephens Lake Park

Collins Shelter

Address: 2001 E. Broadway

Collins is a reservable shelter located near the upper parking lot of Stephens Lake Park (rental includes firepit). Recommended group size is 40, due to limited parking. Groups with more than 40 are required to rent one or both of the other shelters, depending on size of group. Some features include 1 ADA single BBQ grill, 4 picnic tables (1 ADA) and a playground near the site (within walking distance) at Gordon Shelter.

Dexheimer Shelter

Address: 1615 Business Loop 70 W.

Cosmo Park Dexheimer shelter is a reservable facility next to an outdoor volleyball field and horseshoe pits that are across the parking lot (Garrison Shelter right alongside it). Being Columbia's largest park, it is host to the Show-Me State Games as well as many other events! (For more information on reservable park shelters see 'Shelters' under Parks,Trails, & Facilities).

Fairview Shelter

Address: 1001 S Fairview Rd, Columbia, MO 65203, USA

This reservable shelter is located near the volleyball court and towards the border of Fairview Elementary School. Park amenities included are: garden plots, playgrounds, 4 tennis courts along with one junior and regular soccer field.
J. W. Ficklin Shelter at Cosmo Bethel park

Ficklin Shelter

Address: 4500 Bethel St.

The shelter shown is located in Cosmo-Bethel Park and can be reserved. Some features include 1 ADA double covered BBQ grill, ADA drinking fountain with jug filler (1), electric, six 110 volt double outlets, lights, one 220 volt outlet and 8 picnic tables. Group size limit can exceed no more than 100 people.

Garrison Shelter

Address: 1615 Business Loop 70 W.

This reservable shelter is located in Cosmo Park with a size limit of 40. It is located right next to the tennis courts and horseshoe pits. Cosmo park is also home to several amenities such as a remote control car track, roller hockey rink, sports fields, & more!
Gehrke Shelter in Nifong Park

Gehrke Shelter

Address: 3579 Ponderosa St, Columbia, MO 65201, USA

Gehrke is a reservable shelter located in Nifong Park and can be accessed from Ponderosa Street. Inside the shelter are 8 picnic tables (1 ADA), BBQ grill, electric conveniences such as outlets, a drinking fountain, and a seating capacity of 64. The Maplewood Home, Walters-Boone County Historical Museum can also be found at this park.
Gordon Shelter at Stephens Lake Park

Gordon Shelter

Address: 2001 E. Broadway

Gordon is a reservable shelter located in Stephens Lake Park that can be accessed via East Broadway near 3 playgrounds. Included with the rental are as listed: concrete patio, ADA double BBQ grill, ADA drinking fountain with jug filler (next to restrooms), electric conveniences (combo lock), picnic tables (9, 1 ADA), and a playground with climbing boulder/swing set next to shelter. Reservations can be made for half or full day.
Happy Hollow Shelter

Happy Hollow Shelter

Address: 2001 E. Broadway

Happy Hollow is a reservable shelter that can be located at Stephens Lake Park near 3 playgrounds in a somewhat more secluded area. With the rental are 1 ADA double BBQ grill, an ADA drinking fountain with jug filler, electric (combo lock) & outlets, picnic tables (8, 1 ADA). Group size can exceed no more than 80 people. More information can be found on the 'Picnic Shelters Reservations' page.

Harris Shelter

Address: 1615 Business Loop 70 W.

Harris shelter, located in Cosmo park is a reservable facility located right on Business Loop 70 West. Amenities include one BBQ grill, a drinking fountain, 7 outlets, with 80+ parking areas. You can rent the shelter from 8am-2:30pm or 5-11pm.
Indian Hills Shelter

Indian Hills Shelter

Address: 5009 Aztec Blvd.

This non-reservable shelter is located within Indian Hills Park at 784 square feet. It can be accessed through the West entrance on 5009 Aztec Boulevard and East entrance, 5390 Sandrock Drive. Some establishments that surround the vicinity are a basketball court, playground, and outdoor volleyball court.
Jay Dix Shelter

Jay Dix Shelter

Address: 3725 S. Scott Blvd

Jay Dix Station can be found right off South Scott Boulevard. Some park features include fitness stations, 3 other shelters, practice fields, a basketball court, playground, and mountain bike skill course. The facility amenities contain 1 ADA single BBQ grill and 4 picnic tables. More information is available on the facility webpage.

Leech Shelter

Address: 4500 Bethel St.

Being a reservable facility with dimensions of 3,276 square feet, shelter amenities include 2 BBQ grills, 1 drinking fountain, 10 outlets, lights, and 18 picnic tables. The shelter sits next to the playground and horseshoe pits in Cosmo-Bethel park.
MLK shelter

MLK Shelter

Address: 800 W. Stadium Blvd. Columbia, MO

This shelter is located at Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial at Battle Garden and can be put on hold for reservation. Some conveniences include 1 ADA double BBQ grill, a drinking fountain at MKT Trail access, approximately 80 parking spaces (6 ADA) and 4 picnic tables. Other park features include fitness stations and an MKT trailhead.
nickell shelter

Nickell Shelter

Address: 1615 Business Loop 70 W.

Nickell Shelter is reservable and is located in Columbia's largest municipal park, Cosmo Park. A restroom is close by and the shelter is in the same corner of the park as Steinberg Playground, the largest playground in Columbia’s park system.

Odor Shelter

Address: 926 College Park Dr.

Kiwanis Park C.K. Odor Shelter is a reservable site that can host up to 60 people. Conveniences available are two double bbq grills, four outlets, lights, 22 parking spaces, 13 picnic tables added with a seating capacity of 104. Some park accommodations incorporated are a basketball court, playgrounds, fire ring (all at Russell Boulevard Elementary School), nature area, restrooms, and a trail.
Reservable Shelter

Rapp Shelter

Address: 1615 Business Loop 70 W.

Thomas H Rapp Shelter serves the 8-court tennis court complex in Cosmo Park and can only be reserved with a tennis court rental. It can hold up to 20 people, complete with 2 picnic tables. Other facilities available are several trails, sports complexes, play fields, and many more shelters!
Rock Quarry Park shelter

Rock Quarry Shelter

Address: 2002 Grindstone Parkway

Within 1,196 square feet, this reservable park shelter has 2 barbecue grills and a limited group size of 100. It can be located at Rock Quarry Park next to a sand volleyball court and playground. Some other park amenities include a basketball court, tennis/pickleball courts, and a gravel trail.
Shepard Boulevard Park Shelter

Shepard Boulevard Shelter

Address: 2717 Shepard Blvd.

This reservable park shelter can be found in Shepard Boulevard Park within close proximity of the restroom, playground, and sand volleyball court. Included are also an accompanying practice field. The shelter has a seating capacity can of 80 people.
Smith Park Shelter

Smith Shelter

Address: 5425 Brown Station Rd.

This shelter can be found in Norma Sutherland Smith Park and can be put on hold for reservations. Some features include a pond, parking lot, and restroom with a drinking fountain. There are approximately 18 picnic tables with a group limit of 200.