Again St. Park Shelter

Again St. Shelter

Address: 1200 Again St.

This non-reservable shelter in Again St. Park is near the playground, basketball courts, and fitness trail. There is also a playfield with a backstop. The park is adjacent to West Boulevard Elementary School.
North Shelter 20x20

American Legion Shelters

Address: 602 S. Legion Ln.

American Legion offers two non-reservable shelters. North Shelter is 20'x20' with two picnic tables and the South Shelter is 24'x24' with three picnic tables.
Atkins Shelter

Atkins Shelter

Address: 5220 N. Oakland Gravel Rd.

This non-reservable shelter at Atkins Park provides a picnic area and covered meeting place for athletes, coaches and spectators.
Auburn Hills Park Shelter

Auburn Hills Shelter

Address: 5101 Derby Ridge Dr.

The indicated shelter is a non-reservable picnic area located in Auburn Hills Park. It is near a basketball court, trail, complete with 3 picnic tables and 1 barbecue grill.

Barberry Park Shelter

Address: 3405 Zinnia Drive

This non-reservable park shelter contains 5.28 acres of land, which is comprised of a basketball court, playground, pond, playfield, fishing dock, and fruit/nut trees. Also included is a trail with neighborhood connectors. Commodities incorporated are 3 picnic tables and 1 barbeque grill.

Bear Creek Shelter

Address: 1402 Elleta Blvd, Columbia, MO 65202, USA

This non-reservable shelter is located in Bear Creek Park with 10 acres of land. Encompassing playgrounds, a creek, open field, back stop, and basketball court; there is also an adjoining recreation center.

Cosmo-Bethel Playground Shelter

Address: 4500 Bethel St.

Shown here is a non-reservable shelter that can be found within the bounds of Cosmo-Bethel park playground. The following are incorporated: approximately 2 picnic tables & 2 restrooms nearby. Surrounding this community park lay amenities such as 3 other shelters, a practice field, and lake; among many others. Bordering the outskirts of the property are Gentry Middle School and Rock Bridge High School.
Cosmo-Bethel Tennis Shelter

Cosmo-Bethel Tennis Shelter

Address: 4500 Bethel St.

Cosmo-Bethel Tennis shelter is a non-reservable facility that can be found at the center of 8 and 4 tennis courts near the border of Gentry Middle School. Park entrance is located on Bethel Street with park hours of 6am-11pm. Accompanied by 2 picnic tables, 5 outlets, lights, and 1 drinking fountain with a jug filler; other park features are as stated: horseshoe pits, playgrounds, volleyball courts, baseball/softball fields, a fishing lake, reservable shelters, restrooms and trails.

Douglass East Shelter

Address: 400 N. Providence Rd.

This single-table picnic shelter at Douglass Park is perfect for a family picnic or to provide shade while reading or visiting with friends. It is available on a first come, first served basis. The park has restrooms, a drinking fountain, and many park facilities to enjoy.

Douglass South Shelter

Address: 400 N. Providence Rd.

This is a non-reservable park shelter complete with 1 picnic table, a drinking fountain and basketball courts right next to it. For reference, South Shelter is positioned neighboring the baseball/softball field and near the border of Douglass High School parking lot.
Downtown Optimist Shelter

Downtown Optimist Shelter

Address: 100 E. Forest Ave.

Downtown Optimist Shelter is a non-reservable shelter. Amenities include 1 ADA drinking fountain , a BBQ grill and 3 picnic tables. Downtown Optimist is a neighborhood park located near Grand Avenue with a half basketball court, aplayground and 2 bicycle racks.
Dublin Shelter

Dublin Shelter

Address: 4101 Dublin Ave.

Shown here is a non-reservable shelter located in Dublin park which is known more for its nature and trails. This accommodation can be found right across the playground, complete with 3 picnic tables.
Grindstone Nature Area shelter

Grindstone Shelter

Address: 2011 Old Hwy. 63 S.

Grindstone Nature Area includes park features such as a dog-leash free area and trails. Land is extensive with 199 acres (6.0 miles being for multi-use trails). This facility has one BBQ grill and 3 picnic tables.
Harper Shelter

Harper Shelter

Address: 3700 Ponderosa St.

This non-reservable shelter provides a perfect place to read or have a picnic. It overlooks Nifong Lake. No reservation necessary - first come, first served.
Highpointe Shelter

Highpointe Shelter

Address: 801 Huntridge Dr.

Highpointe is a neighborhood park with 8.5 acres of land. Park visitors will find a playfield, playground, a basketball court (half) along with a gravel trail. This shelter cannot be put on hold for reservations. Amenities include a BBQ grill and 3 picnic tables.
Island shelter

Island Shelter

Address: 2001 E. Broadway

This park shelter is located on the boardwalk in the middle of Stephens Lake. It can be scheduled for special events with a park special use permit.
Lange Shelter

Lange Shelter

Address: 2011 Smiley Ln.

This neighborhood park shelter is available on a first come, first served basis. It has a BBQ grill and three picnic tables, and is adjacent to playground. Within the 5.2 acre park is a play field and a gravel trail.

Lions-Stephens Shelter

Address: Lions-Stephens Shelter, N William St, Columbia, MO 65201, USA

This non-reservable shelter includes 2 playgrounds, several exercise stations, concrete trail and a swingset. Lion-Stephens park includes 6.8 acres of land with park hours ranging from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Longview park shelter

Longview Shelter

Address: 4980 Gillespie Bridge Rd.

The indicated shelter can be found at Longview Park, complete with a pond, trail, playfield, basketball court, and playground. It is non-reservable with 4 picnic tables. Longview Park was purchased in 1996 and was completed and dedicated in 2008.

Louisville Shelter

Address: 806 Louisville Dr.

This park shelter contains 3 picnic tables and is not available for reservation. It can be located right along a concrete trail, full basketball court, and playground. Park development began in 2006 and was completed in 2007.
Paquin Shelter

Paquin Shelter

Address: 212 Waugh St.

This is a non-reservable shelter located in Paquin Park with 2 ADA single BBQ grills, 1 ADA drinking fountain, and 5 picnic tables. Activity areas within the vicinity are as listed: Basketball Court, Game Tables, Garden Plots and Shuffleboard Courts. Also, Paquin Tower can be found right across the parking lot.
Parkade Shelter

Parkade Shelter

Address: 2200 Bear Creek Dr

This shelter can be located right next to Parkade Elementary. It can not be put on hold for reservations. Accompanying the shelter are 3 picnic tables and 1 BBQ grill. Restrooms, water, and electric conveniences are not included.
Ralph Shelter at Douglass Park

Ralph Shelter

Address: 400 N. Providence Rd. Columbia, MO

Ralph Shelter at Douglass Park is a medium-size shelter with 8 picnic tables, lights, and electric. Because of the number of special events at Douglass Park, this shelter is not reservable for private events, but can be used on a first come, first served basis. Those desiring to host a publicized event at the park need to fill out a Park Special Use Application.
Rock Bridge park shelter

Rock Bridge Shelter

Address: 201 Miramar Ln.

Rock Bridge Park can be accessed on Miramar Lane and contains amenities such as a full basketball court, playground, swings, backstop, as well as an open play area/ball-field. The shelter indicated is also non-reservable with 4 picnic tables.
Smithton park shelter

Smithton Shelter

Address: 3501 W. Worley St.

This park shelter is not available for reservations and is located on West Worley Street. It contains a BBQ grill along with 4 picnic tables. The shelter is located next to the playground.