• Remote Control Car Track

Remote Control Car Track

1615 Business Loop 70 W.

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Cosmo Park

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  • Outdoor Remote Control Car Track
  • Boulder climbing wall
  • Dirt track
    • 700 linear feet
    • Banked curves
    • Jumps
  • Electricity
  • Parking
  • Warm-Up area

Construction of the remote control vehicle race track began in 2005. Electricity was added in 2007, completing the project as funded.  Future possibilities for the area include an additional asphalt track, an elevated control tower and potential club-sponsored competitive events.

In 2005, Columbia Parks and Recreation entered into an operating agreement with a local RC club for the programming and use of the track in Cosmo Park. Unfortunately, the club disbanded not long after the track was built. The Parks and Recreation Department is evaluating the future of the facility.

(Please note: remote control aircraft are not permitted in Columbia city parks.)