Fairview Tennis Courts

Address: 1001 Fairview Rd Columbia, MO

Fairview Park has four lighted tennis courts located right off Fairview Road. There is also a seasonal parking lot open from March to October that can be accessed on Plymouth Drive. Other park amenities include nature trails, garden plots, and soccer practice field.
Photo of gazebo at Flat Branch Park

Flat Branch Gazebo

Address: 101 S. 4th St.

This gazebo can be found in Flat Branch park (with a special use permit required for rental). The location can be seen in between two picnic areas and also contains electrical outlets. Some park features include an amphitheater, sprayground, playground, and MKT trailhead.

Flat Branch Spraygrounds

Address: 400 Locust St.

Flat Branch Spraygrounds is centrally located in downtown Columbia and is FREE and open to the public from May 1 to September 30. It is operated with recycled, chlorinated water. The spraygrounds is activated by push button and is a great place to cool off during the summer. It is especially popular with families with young children.
Cosmo Football/Lacrosse fields

Football/Lacrosse Fields

Address: 1615 Bus. Loop 70 W.

These football/lacrosse fields are located in Cosmo Park with a total of 6 football fields (two irrigated). Reservations can be made for officiated games only. Payment for the fields is required at the time of the reservation (no fields will be scheduled until payment is received). For more details and rental information, visit this facility's webpage.
Photo of Gans Creek Recreation Area

Gans Multipurpose Athletic Fields

Address: 3360 E. Gans Road

Gans Athletic Fields is located at Gans Creek Recreation Area with five multipurpose, irrigated fields reservable for games. These are premiere fields that can be rented for game purposes only such as soccer, football, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, or other sports (practices are not allowed). For more details and rental information, visit this facility's webpage.

Garrison Shelter

Address: 1615 Business Loop 70 W.

This reservable shelter is located in Cosmo Park with a size limit of 40. It is located right next to the tennis courts and horseshoe pits. Cosmo park is also home to several amenities such as a remote control car track, roller hockey rink, sports fields, & more!
George F. Harper Shelter

George F. Harper Shelter

Address: 3700 Ponderosa St.

This shelter can be found in Nifong Park and can be put on hold for reservation. Conveniences available are 1 ADA double BBQ grill, an ADA drinking fountain with jug filler, electrical outlets, 6 picnic tables, and a seating capacity of 48. A fishing pond can be spotted adjacent to the indicated outdoor facility.
Lake of the Woods Golf Course

Golf Courses


Columbia offers affordable golf at two municipal golf courses - L. A. Nickell Golf Course in northwest Columbia and Lake of the Woods Golf Course in east Columbia. Annual passholders have access to both golf courses.
Gordon Shelter at Stephens Lake Park

Gordon Shelter

Address: 2001 E. Broadway

Gordon is a reservable shelter located in Stephens Lake Park that can be accessed through East Broadway near a wireless internet connection server and 3 playgrounds. Included with the rental are as listed: concrete patio, ADA double BBQ grill, ADA drinking fountain with jug filler (next to restrooms), electric conveniences (combo lock), picnic tables (9, 1 ADA), and a playground with climbing boulder/swing set next to shelter. Reservation prices begin with $40 for half day and $55 for full day.

Grindstone Shelter

Address: 2011 Old Hwy. 63 S.

Grindstone Nature Area includes park features such as a dog-leash free area and trails. Land is extensive with 199 acres (6.0 miles being for multi-use trails). This facility complex has one BBQ grill and 3 picnic tables.
Happy Hollow Shelter

Happy Hollow Shelter

Address: 2001 E. Broadway

Happy Hollow is a reservable shelter that can be located at Stephens Lake Park near 3 playgrounds in a somewhat more secluded area. With the rental are 1 ADA double BBQ grill, an ADA drinking fountain with jug filler, electric (combo lock) & outlets, picnic tables (8, 1 ADA). Group size can exceed no more than 80 people. More information can be found on the 'Picnic Shelters Reservations' page.
Harmony Bends Disc Golf Course

Harmony Bends Championship Disc Golf Course at Strawn Park

Address: 801 N. Strawn Road, Columbia, MO

Harmony Bends Disc Golf Course was honored as the 2017 Course of the Year by DGCourseReview.com. This championship-level disc golf course was designed by renowned disc golf course designer John Houck. This is the first HouckDesign course built in Missouri. Interesting creek crossings and ways to traverse the terrain were incorporated into the course design. The championship layout has a par of 68, including four par five holes. Most holes have three tees to accommodate various player levels. Landing zones are utilized in the course design, mutiple lines are always a possibility, and risk/reward must be weighed with every shot.

Harris Shelter

Address: 1615 Business Loop 70 W.

Harris shelter, located in Cosmo park is a reservable facility located right on Business Loop 70 West. Amenities include one BBQ grill, a drinking fountain, 7 outlets, with 80+ parking areas. You can rent the shelter from 8am-2:30pm or 5-11pm.
Photo of Heibel-March Building at Field Park

Heibel-March Building

Address: 902 Range Line St.

Heibel-March Building can be found at Field Park on the corner of Wilkes Boulevard and Rangeline Street. Built in 1910, the building was the former home for Heibel Drug Store, the Black Grocery Store, and more recently Rangeline Auto Parts. With a long range of history, it is now owned by the 'Grove Construction General Contracting' business. Grove Construction began renovations in 2013, completed renovations in 2014, and opened for business on March 17, 2014. About 100 volunteers worked to complete the mural on the exterior of the Heibel-March building that tells the story of the building and surrounding residents. The mural was started in 2007.
Hickman Pool

Hickman Pool (Indoor)

Address: 1104 N. Providence Rd.

Hickman Pool is an indoor heated pool located on the campus of Hickman High School. Due to a co-operative agreement between the City of Columbia and Columbia Public Schools, Columbia Parks and Recreation has joint-use of the pool at scheduled times when not in school use. Hickman Pool is used for Parks and Recreation swim lessons, water aerobic classes, lifeguard training, recreation swim teams, and special aquatic programs.

Hickman Tennis Courts

Address: 1104 N. Providence Rd.

Columbia Parks and Recreation has co-operative use of Hickman High School tennis courts as well as the children's playground, and Hickman Municipal Pool. The tennis courts are open to the public when they are not in use (such as after-school hours). Courts can be accessed through North 7th Street and can be found next to a football field and parking lot.

Highpointe Shelter

Address: 801 Huntridge Dr.

Highpointe is a neighborhood park with 8.5 acres of land. Some conveniences comprise of a playfield, playground, a basketball court (half) along with a gravel trail. This shelter cannot be put on hold for reservations while incorporating a BBQ grill and 3 picnic tables.

Hillcrest Community Center

Address: 1907 Hillcrest Dr.

The former main MDC office (Missouri Department of Conservation) has been moved to this building with additional space. Included are four full-time staff, preschool programs, life enrichment classes, 50+ programs, tours, and programming. Hillcrest Community Center is located at Waters-Moss Memorial Wildlife Area and within close proximity to the 'Moss Building' which hosts various recreational programs and classes.
Indian Hills Disc Golf Course

Indian Hills Disc Golf Course

Address: 5009 Aztec Boulevard, Columbia, MO

This 18-hole disc golf course is  located on the east side of 40-acre Indian Hills Park, which can be accessed from the east side of the park off of Sandrock Drive.  This par 54 course has eight holes with good sized fairways, with the remaining holes playing tight to the woods. It's a good place to work on tight lanes and your control/placement game. The park is wooded with beautiful groves of cedars, junipers, and pines.
Indian Hills Shelter

Indian Hills Shelter

Address: 5009 Aztec Blvd.

This non-reservable shelter is located within Indian Hills Park at 784 square feet. It can be accessed through the West entrance on 5009 Aztec Boulevard and East entrance, 5390 Sandrock Drive. Some establishments that surround the vicinity are a basketball court, playground, and outdoor volleyball court.
Island shelter

Island Shelter

Address: 2001 E. Broadway

This non-reservable park shelter can be located between a wi-fi hotspot and a boardwalk/island. Although it cannot be put on hold for reservation it can be scheduled for special events with a park special use permit. Included amenities are as listed: Electric (combo lock), four 110 volt quad outlets, 220 volt outlet (1), lights, and 3 marble fences. Restrooms can be found on South shore.
J. W. Ficklin Shelter

J. W. Ficklin Shelter

Address: 4500 Bethel St.

The shelter shown is located in Cosmo-Bethel Park and can be reserved at a price range of $40. Some features include 1 ADA double covered BBQ grill, ADA drinking fountain with jug filler (1), electric, six 110 volt double outlets, lights, one 220 volt outlet and 8 picnic tables. Group size limit can exceed no more than 100 people.
Jay Dix Shelter

Jay Dix Shelter

Address: 3725 S. Scott Blvd

Jay Dix Station can be found right off South Scott Boulevard. Some park features include fitness stations, 3 other shelters, practice fields, a basketball court, playground, and mountain bike skill course. The facility amenities contain 1 ADA single BBQ grill and 4 picnic tables. More information is available on the facility web-page.

Lake of the Woods Pool

Address: 6700 St. Charles Rd.

This outdoor municipal pool on the east side of Columbia is surrounded by the beautiful Lake of the Woods Golf Course. The pool features slides, lounge chairs, umbrella shade, and concessions at the clubhouse.
Lamb Shelter

Lamb Shelter

Address: 1615 Business Loop 70 W.

Lamb Shelter can be pinpointed within the vicinity of Cosmo Park next to Steinberg Playground. Park features include 2 ADA double BBQ grills, picnic tables (19, 2 ADA) along with a seating capacity of 152. Other details can be found either on this facility's web-page or 'Picnic Shelter Reservations' under Parks, Trails, & Facilities.