• Cosmo Football/Lacrosse fields

Football/Lacrosse Fields

1615 Bus. Loop 70 W.

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Cosmo Park

Football Fields #1-3, irrigated
Football Field #4, irrigated and lighted
Access from Cosmo Park Entrance

Football/Lacrosse Fields #5 & 6, irrigated and lighted
Access from Schwabe Lane

Rainout Hotline: (573) 874-7663
League Field Scheduling:
Steve Evers (573) 874-7466

Reservable Fields

Cosmo Park is home to 6 football fields, available for officiated games only.  Two of the six fields in Cosmo Park are designated as football/lacrosse fields, Fields 5 & 6.  The shared use of these fields provides the best and most efficient method of meeting the facility needs of groups representing both football and lacrosse while reducing the overall maintenance burden for the department.  Both fields are regulation-size football fields measuring 160’x360′.  Bleacher seating is available.

To ensure quality fields, football/lacrosse field rules and regulations have been established to allow use of football/lacrosse for game play only and not to be allowed for use of practices, scrimmages, and/or practice games.  This policy is key to being able to maintain quality fields for use by Columbia football/lacrosse players. 

Football/lacrosse fields can be reserved Mondays thru Sundays beginning at 8 am.  Fields #5 & 6 are irrigated and lighted.

The football/lacrosse fields were funded in part by a grant in the amount of $38,668 from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Landmark Local Parks Program Land and Water Conservation Fund.  Additional funding came from the Annual Park Improvement Fund.  Field 6 opened in April 2003.  Both Fields 5 and 6 were available for use beginning in the fall of 2003.

Field Fee Schedule

Payment for the fields is required at the time of the reservation.  No fields will be scheduled until payment is received.  A refund will be issued for any games which can not be made up due to weather cancellations.

Per Game Fee Per Day Fee
Football/Lacrosse Fields 1 thru 6
Special Field Preparation (in addition to rental rate)


Football/Lacrosse Seasons

It is the intent of the Columbia Parks & Recreation Department to allow lacrosse on the fields in the spring and football in the fall. 

Spring: mid-March thru mid-May
Fall: first of September thru end of October

Scheduling Priority

The fields are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The fields may be scheduled eight weeks in advance of the first game.  A copy of the entire season’s schedule is required.  Only games will be scheduled on the fields.

Football/lacrosse fields are closed for renovations and repair from the end of May until the beginning of the Show-Me State Games.  At the conclusion of the Show-Me State Games, the fields will be rested and unavailable for play until the start of the fall season.

Field Size

The maximum size for the fields is 70×116 yards.  The Parks & Recreation Department will establish a field size at the beginning of the season and it will remain that size for the entire season.  Field sizes will be adjusted from season to season in order to minimize wear patterns.


All parking is restricted to the designated parking spaces. Vehicles are not allowed to park on the roads or on any turf areas within the park.

Rainout/Cancellation Policy

The Columbia Parks & Recreation Department will reserve the right to cancel games scheduled on these fields. Cancellation information can be obtained by calling the Parks & Recreation Hotline at (573) 874-7663.  If there are special circumstances, such as a visiting team traveling from a long distance that needs notification prior to leaving, the team parent may call Bobby Chick at (573) 874-7706 (Monday-Friday) to make special arrangements for earlier notification.

Cancellation Guidelines for Athletic Fields

Parking in the Parks

Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area Map

Map of Football/Lacrosse Fields

Lacrosse Field Layout

Hotline (573) 874-7663

Weekdays – All cancellations are updated daily by 4pm.  Note that only existing cancellations are listed.  If conditions change after 4pm, a decision will be made at the field.

Weekends & Holidays – Lacrosse/football cancellations are updated by 7am.  If the conditions change to warrant a cancellation, the Hotline will be updated accordingly.