• Hindman Discovery Garden

Darwin and Axie Hindman Discovery Garden

2300 E. Walnut St.

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Stephens Lake Park

Come and take a stroll through the lovely, new Hindman Discovery Garden located just east of Riechmann Pavilion in Stephens Lake Park. This beautiful garden was built to honor the contributions made to our community by Darwin and Axie Hindman and was funded through private donations. The garden features four themed areas: Plant Communities, Grow to Know Your World, Council Ring, and Art and Science of Horticulture. It is hoped that the Hindman Discovery Garden will inform and inspire visitors by demonstrating how the botanical world connects and resonates in both our lives and community.

Visitors at hindman discovery garden
Council ring at hindman discovery garden

Map of darwin and axie hindman discovery garden in stephens lake park

Darwin and Axie Hindman Discovery Garden Dedication


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