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Columbia Skate Park

1615 Bus. Loop 70 W.

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Columbia Skate Park

Columbia, Missouri, is home to an outdoor facility for skateboarders and inline skaters recognized nationwide by the skating community and its press. Completed in 1999, the park has an elaborate street course designed to entertain and challenge skaters, whether they are beginners or experienced. The 28,000 sq. ft. course was designed by park planning staff and skaters. The skaters who participated in the design process ranged in age from 12-24 years old. Construction was accomplished in-house by the Parks and Recreation construction staff.

The Skate Park is located at the north end of Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Center, also known as Cosmo Park and CCRA. Cosmo Park is designated as a regional park, encompassing 533 acres, and home to Antimi Sports Complex, Rainbow Softball Center, soccer and football fields, and L.A. Nickell Golf Course. The Skate Park is not staffed and is open to skaters year round (weather permitting) with no admission fee. Skaters from all over the country and even some outside its borders have come to visit Columbia Skate Park.

Although the Skate Park is unlighted at this time, conduit was laid during construction in anticipation that funding for lights might become available in the future.

Columbia Parks and Recreation usually hosts a Shred Fest event in June to celebrate National Skateboarding Day. Check out the month of June on the Special Events Calendar for the event date.

Check the Parks and Recreation calendar of events for any other upcoming scheduled Skate Park events hosted by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Skate Park Elements:

  • 25′ x 25′ pyramid
  • 16′ lowbox
  • 9′ high bank
  • 150′ of quarter pipe
  • 30′ of half pipe
  • 15′ wide taco
  • 3 sets of stairs
  • 30′ wide funbox

Material Totals:

  • Course – 175 ft. x 160 ft. = 28,000 sq. ft.
  • 525 ft. of coping
  • 75 ft. of grindrail
  • 540 sq. yd. concrete

Project Cost:

The project was constructed in 1999 by Parks and Recreation staff. The project budget was $64,000 and only included the construction materials used to build the skate park. (Labor costs are not charged against a development project when in-house labor is used.) Another source of funding was used to construct the 101 car parking lot that serves the Skate Park.

  • $39,000 from City General Fund
  • $25,000 donation from local Columbia Cosmopolitan Club


Skate Park Dedication Brochureopens PDF file

Over 300 people gathered Saturday, June 19, 1999, to celebrate the grand opening of the Columbia Skate Park. Skaters, parents, city officials, and spectators were joined by a local radio station broadcasting live until noon, at which time another D.J. provided accompaniment to the local and professional skate team demonstrations.

Skate Park dedication ceremony

Skateboard manufacturers Element and New Deal sent professional skaters Donny Barley and Chad Bartie to entertain the crowd.

skateboard pros Donny Barley and Chad Bartie

skaters at dedication ceremony

skaters at dedication ceremony

After an hour of demonstrations, the dedication ceremony began. Parks and Recreation Director, Michael Hood welcomed visitors and made introductions. Columbia City Manager, Ray Beck and Columbia Mayor, Darwin Hindman spoke before representatives of Columbia Cosmopolitan Club and Columbia Skate Park Association gave their perspectives on the success of the new park. The Columbia Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors held the ribbon cutting, at which time the park was officially opened.

Aerial skaters at Skate Park dedication

skaters and crowd at Skate Park dedication


skateboarderIn 1997 Columbia’s downtown business community asked the City to deal with the skateboarding problem in that area. The request lead to a vocal appeal to the City to provide a place for this group of young people to practice their sport. In September of 1997, the City Council approved the development of a skate park.

The actual design of the park was achieved by combining the talents of the park planner with the skateboarderexpertise of a design committee made up of skateboarders and inline skaters. This process proved to be very effective in that it allowed the future user group to express their desires and to educate the planner. The types of materials, maintenance concerns, safety concerns, and operational issues were among the most important matters considered. The actual construction plans and specifications were completed by the planner. The skaters have a very strong sense of ownership in the park, and this may be the most skateboarderimportant benefit of the joint planning effort.

The skateboard park is approximately 175 feet wide and 160 feet long, making a total of 28,000 square feet of concrete. The design is described as an elaborate street course that incorporates many popular features including: transitions, flat ramps, spine ramps, pyramids, curbs, 525 feet of coping, and 75 feet of grind rails.

skateboarderThe roller hockey rink adjacent to the skateboard facility offers participants a chance to skate on a rink whose size and surface material is specifically designed for the sport of roller hockey. The rink is bordered with hockey dasher boards. This facility is open for pick up skating.

Construction costs for the skate park totaled $64,000. The Columbia Parks and Recreation Department designed, constructed, and landscaped the park, using $39,000 from the Public Improvement Fund. The park would not have been possible without the generous support of Columbia Cosmopolitan Luncheon Club. Their donation of $25,000 enabled Parks and Recreation to move forward with plans to create a large, durable skate park that would best serve Columbia.