• American Legion Arcery Range
  • American Legion Archery Range
  • American Legion Archery Range

American Legion Archery Range

3675 Legion Lane

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American Legion Park is home to the only archery range in Columbia’s park system. The American Legion Archery Range has sixteen targets at various distances ranging from 10 to 80 yards. The range features an elevated shooting tower, a 10′ x 120′ shooting pad across the front range of the targets, and concrete walkways from the shooting pad out to the targets to provide ADA accessibility for archers to retrieve their arrows. The range is open without charge for public use, except when an event is scheduled. Archery classes and events hosted by Columbia Parks and Recreation can be found in the Leisure Times program guide.

The following safety rules are posted on site:

  • American Legion ArcherArchery equipment only
  • No firearms or airguns
  • No broadheads allowed
  • Please place trash in can provided
  • Shoot only at provided target backstops
  • Do not nock an arrow until everyone is behind the shooting line
  • Never go behind the wooden range fencing
  • Never shoot across shooting lanes (cross shooting)
  • No alcoholic beverages on the range