• American Legion Arcery Range
  • American Legion Archery Range
  • American Legion Archery Range

American Legion Archery Range

3675 Legion Lane

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30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset

American Legion Park is home to the only archery range in Columbia’s park system. The American Legion Archery Range has sixteen targets at various distances ranging from 10 to 80 yards. The range features an elevated shooting tower, a 10′ x 120′ shooting pad across the front range of the targets, and concrete walkways from the shooting pad out to the targets to provide ADA accessibility for archers to retrieve their arrows. The range is open without charge for public use, except when an event is scheduled. Archery classes and events hosted by Columbia Parks and Recreation can be found in the Leisure Times program guide.

Safety Rules

American Legion Archer

  1. Shoot from the designated concrete shooting position. Shooting from in front of or behind the provided shooting line is not permitted. Never sky-draw or shoot arrows upward into the air.
  2. Shoot only at the target designated for your shooting position. Shooting across lanes can result in arrows traveling outside of the predetermined safety fan.
  3. Always check your surroundings, including down range, before nocking an arrow.
  4. All archers must coordinate their activity. When finished shooting, hang bows on bow rack and wait until all archers are finished shooting before going down range to retrieve your arrows. All shooters must retrieve their arrows at the same time.
  5. Adults must accompany participants 15 years old and under. 
  6. Pets are not allowed in archery areas.
  7. Broadheads and firearms are prohibited. Only bullet points and field points may be used.
  8. Crossbows are allowed with bolts.
  9. The elevated platform is limited to 2 shooters at a time and no more than 4 people total should be on the platform at a time. Keep shooting gate closed when not shooting.
  10. Possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the range.

Archery targets at American Legion were purchased from:
Huebert Fiberboard Inc.
1545 East Morgan Street
Booneville, MO 65233