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This service is specially customized to meet the client’s goals and needs. The ARC also offers Professional Health Coaching to allow you to combine exercise with making good food decisions. Fill out a personal training information form at the ARC Guest Services Desk to set up an appointment.

Who needs a personal trainer?
Those who…

  • have a desire to work out, but don’t know where to start or how to design a custom training plan
  • want alternatives to their current exercises
  • have a desire to learn the most effective and safe exercise techniques
  • want extra motivation
  • want to reach a personal goal
  • want to increase energy while decreasing fatigue
  • want to decrease pain level
  • want to reduce cravings
  • want to understand their body better
  • want to lose unwanted weight

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Personal training at the ARC

Personal training at the ARC


Individual Session/Workout Design

ARC Member Price
Non-Member Price
1 $45 $55

Individual Packages

ARC Member Price
Non-Member Price
3 $120 $150
6 $220 $280
12 $395 $540

Couple Sessions

ARC Member Price
Non-Member Price
3 $165 $195
6 $300 $360
12 $540 $660

Group Sessions

6 3 $120 each
4 $100 each
5 $85 each
12 3 $218 each
4 $180 each
5 $155 each

Personal Trainer Biographies

Amanda Barnes

With over twenty years of experience as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and health coach, Amanda has counseled clients of all levels on fitness, wellness and nutrition for many years. Amanda is a guest instructor at the Columbia Fire Department Academy where she created/implemented the physical training for the CFD.  Amanda serves as the Health Coach for the local NBC affiliate (KOMU) with a weekly segment called “Weekly Wellness” that can be viewed every Monday during the noon newscast or online at Amanda specializes in orthopedic rehabilitation, functional female training, pre/postnatal training, cancer exercise, and senior training.


Personal trainer Amanda Barnes



  • Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
  • Certified Health Coach (ACE)
  • Orthopedic Exercise Specialist (ACE)
  • Senior Fitness Specialist (ACE)
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist (Biomechanics Method)
  • TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Fitness Level 2 (TPI)
  • Functional Female Training Specialist (IDEA)
  • Cancer Exercise Specialist (Cancer Exercise Training Institute/CETI)
  • Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist (PRONatal)

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Testimonials from Amanda’s clients

Jim Dugdale

A recent transplant to Columbia, Missouri, Jim Dugdale comes most recently from the Fire Department in Omaha. There, Jim was an ACE Certified Peer Fitness Trainer besides being a firefighter and paramedic. He has counseled clients and fellow firefighters on fitness, wellness, and nutrition and has experience with all levels of fitness.  Firefighters have often been thought of as the “everyday professional athletes,” and his job was to help keep them at the level where they’re ready for anything.  

Jim assisted with the annual assessment of firefighters at OFD and developed physical training programs for his peers along with individualized remediation plans to get his fellow firefighters back in shape and ready for duty. In addition, he has held adjunct faculty positions at community colleges in Nebraska and at programs in Missouri teaching EMTs, Paramedics, and his favorite subject Anatomy and Physiology. Jim’s certifications include ACE Certified Personal Trainer, AHA CPR, and is recognized as a paramedic in both Missouri and Nebraska. 

Jim served on staff at a local community center (much like the ARC) where he cut his teeth in a powerlifting and bodybuilding environment. He became a certified personal trainer for the YMCA specializing in group fitness classes. He has counseled clients on fitness, wellness, and nutrition and has experience with all levels of fitness. With so much information out there on the Internet and paradigm shifts in nutrition, choosing the best program for yourself can be confusing. Having a personal trainer with the right education, training, experience and intellectual curiosity to act as a filter and guide and to stay on top of things can benefit individuals desiring to improve their health and fitness level.

What are your goals and how can we reach them together?!

Jim Dugdale


Valerie Call

Valerie is a native Columbian and graduate of Hickman High School. After reaching adulthood she struggled with weight and health issues that affected her quality of life. Eventually she found it necessary to change her diet and lifestyle. Visiting a local fitness center she acquired the inspiration she needed through Zumba, and soon discovered a passion she was unaware of. Using her own results as momentum she worked toward becoming certified as a personal trainer and later became licensed in Zumba.

Today she is inspiration for others to reach their personal fitness goals. She is an AFAA/NASM certified personal trainer, group exercise, licensed Zumba instructor and CPR/AED certified. Valerie’s positive attitude and enthusiasm serve as encouragement to those who are hesitant to step outside their comfort zone. We are pleased to have this ambitious role model on our fitness team.

Valerie Call


Bryce Atkins

Bryce Atkins has been a fitness fanatic all his life, which led him to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer.  He has been providing personal training services to individuals in the Columbia area for the last five years. Bryce also holds a Masters of Counseling from Stephens College.  He believes people are more than just a body and that optimal health is achieved by balancing the mind, body, and spirit.  Bryce enjoys helping people of all skill levels learn the fundamentals of safe and effective workouts by creating custom workout routines for each client based upon their individual goals & needs. Bryce can also help clients identify barriers that may be preventing them from achieving optimal health and wellness.  Let Bryce help you achieve your optimal level of mental & physical health.

Bryce Atkins


Damon Coyle

Personal training does not have to be an intimidating experience – rest assured that we all had to start somewhere. Damon incorporates a multitude of training techniques, all of which create a challenging and fun environment to reach your goals. If you are new to exercise, struggling with injuries, or a seasoned veteran, Damon’s experience with exercise rehabilitation, yoga, and corrective exercise will give you the tools to develop a healthy mind-body connection. Damon is currently pursuing his M.D. at the University of Missouri and has found that his medical training has been instrumental in helping his clients achieve their fitness goals, whether they may be as simple as improving posture and activities of daily living or as advanced as improving your one-rep squat max. Allow Damon to develop a personalized fitness program as unique as you.


  • Senior citizen/Geriatric physical fitness
  • Powerlifting/Bodybuilding
  • Sports specific training
  • Mobility/Flexibility

Testimonial from a client of Damon’s

Damon Coyle



For Amanda Barnes

“Amanda has helped me achieve and maintain a level of physical fitness I didn’t believe to be possible before we started working together 9 months ago. Her drive, dedication, extensive knowledge and experience in personal training, can-do attitude and never-ending positive outlook make her a wonderful trainer and guide in the quest to lose weight and get fit. Her belief in me helped me remain committed to my goals when I lacked belief in myself. Before working with her, I was so out of shape I couldn’t walk around the ARC track once. Now I go to a circuit training group class Monday through Friday, work out at home and enjoy spinning. I would not have been able to make the progress I have without her! I feel very lucky to have had such a great ally. She is an inspiration to me.” —Megan Null, client of Amanda Barnes

“I cannot recommend Amanda Barnes strongly enough. She is not only knowledgeable and well-trained herself, she comes to training sessions well prepared and, most importantly, genuinely enthusiastic about helping you reach your goals. No boring routines here. Trust her! She will help you attain lasting results.’ —Joel Anderson, client of Amanda Barnes

“I was hesitant to work with a personal trainer due to being out of shape and not entirely confident that I could do the work. Amanda encouraged and challenged me to do the workout, building my confidence through positive, never negative, re-enforcement. I came out of the experience physically and mentally stronger.” —Amy Schneider, client of Amanda Barnes
“I was just getting back into the exercise world when I became a client of Amanda’s. She made exercise not only challenging and fun, but doable. Her email tips on what to eat and drink are also helpful! Amanda cares and you soon begin to care for yourself.” —Monica Miller, client of Amanda Barnes
“I have been taking Amanda’s Domination Class for almost a year. Amanda is a high-energy wonderful trainer who is tough on her clients, but also shows great care and concern for every person she trains. I am over 50 years old and was a little worried about taking a class entitled “DOMINATION”. Amanda was able to show me that by working hard and going at my own pace (with lots of reassurance from her) that I could feel as strong as a I was when I was much younger. When I started Domination, I could only do 2 push ups in a row (and that was with a lot of complaining). Now, I can do as many as 15 real push ups in a row without stopping. Amanda is a phenomenal trainer and a fun person. Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience in Amanda’s Domination Class.” —Val Leftwich, client of Amanda Barnes

For Damon Coyles

“I was a little hesitant about working with a personal trainer because I am 69 years old and had never really exercised on a regular basis, and I use a walker to get around. Damon was very positive from the first session that he could work with me to create a custom workout to achieve my goals of better upper body strength and better posture. He paid attention to my concerns and took the time to teach me how to use the different workout machines and exercises I could do at home.

Damon is very knowledgeable about how muscles work and what exercises would help me on the path to reach my goals. He kept each session interesting by introducing varied routines and helping me design my own routine. He encouraged me to try more difficult workouts which helped me build confidence that I could work out on my own and keep up the routines he developed for me.

Damon kept the workouts stimulating and fun so that I did not get discouraged. He often checked to make sure I let him know if an exercise was causing me difficulty or pain. I really enjoyed learning different techniques to improve my physical fitness and never imagined I would enjoy working out so much. Damon’s teaching methods and enthusiasm spurred me on to keep up a regular workout routine. His training helped me physically and mentally, and I am so happy with the results.” — Michelle Millot, client of Damon Coyles

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