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Activity & Recreation Center (ARC)

1701 W. Ash St.

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(573) 874-7700

ARC activity & recreation center  Columbia Parks And Recreation

The ARC is Columbia, Missouri’s popular health club, fitness center, and place to exercise and have fun. This 73,000 sq. ft. facility has an indoor leisure pool, gymnasium (including basketball, volleyball, and pickleball), strength training equipment and weights, cardio equipment, indoor track, group exercise classes, and much more! The ARC is located in Clary-Shy Park, Columbia, Missouri.

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Mask Ordinance guidelines: 

The City of Columbia has a mask ordinance in place.  The ordinance identifies a number of exempted activities, including indoor exercise as long as a distance of six feet from others is maintained.

The following times are when YES, masks are REQUIRED at the ARC:

  • When entering the facility
  • When not able to distance yourself from other patrons or staff
  • When using non-cardio equipment (weights) and not able to distance from other patrons
  • When in non-exercise areas (locker rooms, restrooms, etc.)
  • When exiting the facility

The following times are when NO, masks are NOT REQUIRED at the ARC:

  • When participating in group exercise classes
  • While utilizing a cardio machine or spinning bike
  • While swimming in the pool
  • If under the age of 10 years old

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