ARC exterior

Activity & Recreation Center (ARC)

Address: 1701 W. Ash St.

The ARC is Columbia, Missouri's popular health club, fitness center, and place to exercise and have fun. This 73,000 sq. ft. facility has an indoor leisure pool, gymnasium, strength training equipment and weights, cardio equipment, indoor track, group exercise classes, and much more! The ARC is located in Clary-Shy Park, Columbia, Missouri.
Again St. Park Shelter

Again St. Shelter

Address: 1200 Again St.

This non-reservable shelter in Again St. Park is near the playground, basketball courts, and fitness trail. There is also a playfield with a backstop. The park is adjacent to West Boulevard Elementary School.
Albert Oakland ballfields

Albert-Oakland Ballfields

Address: 1900 Blue Ridge Road

Albert Oakland park fields can be found close to a volleyball and basketball court. These 2 baseball/softball fields are lighted and alongside a multi-use trail. Reservation info can be accessed through one of the links (Sports Facility Reservations) located on the facility's web-page. Other park amenities featured are a family aquatic center, tennis courts, and soccer practice fields.
Albert-Oakland disc golf

Albert-Oakland Disc Golf Courses

Address: 1900 Blue Ridge Road

Albert-Oakland Park is home to two 18-hole disc golf courses.  This 79-acre wooded community park has support amenities for the disc golf courses, including outdoor restrooms, picnic shelters, and ample parking. The disc golf courses are free for recreation play.
Albert-Oakland Family Aquatic Center

Albert-Oakland Family Aquatic Center

Address: 1900 Blue Ridge Rd.

This is Columbia's largest outdoor municipal pool. It has a spacious 50-meter pool with two diving boards and a triple-loop enclosed flume slide. There is a separate water play area for kids; a bathhouse with mens, womens, and family changing rooms; concession area, and a large deck with lounge chairs and shade umbrellas.
Pickleball Courts

Albert-Oakland Pickleball Courts


Albert-Oakland Park has six dedicated pickleball courts next to the tennis courts.
Albert-Oakland Shelter #1

Albert-Oakland Shelter 1

Address: 1900 Blue Ridge Rd.

This reservable shelter is located in the southeast portion of Albert-Oakland Park off of Edris Drive and has an adjoining restroom. The shelter can host up to 80 people. Albert-Oakland Park is home to two 18-hole disc golf courses, baseball/softball fields, Albert-Oakland Family Aquatic Center, playgrounds, and more!
Albert-Oakland Shelter #2

Albert-Oakland Shelter 2

Address: 1900 Blue Ridge Rd.

This reservable shelter is stationed in the northeast portion of Albert-Oakland Park on Blue Ridge Road neighboring a restroom, playground, and right across from Shelter 3. It can hold up to 100 people with approximately 9 picnic tables. Oakland Middle School is adjacent to the park.
Albert-Oakland Shelter #3

Albert-Oakland Shelter 3

Address: 1900 Blue Ridge Rd.

This shelter is reservable with a group size limit of 100, 9 picnic tables, and a seating capacity of 72. It is bordered by a parking lot, practice field, and playground. Albert-Oakland has several amenities, such as a large outdoor pool; pickleball, tennis, and basketball courts, baseball/softball fields, disc golf courses, and is a trailhead for Bear Creak Trail.
Albert-Oakland Tennis Courts

Albert-Oakland Tennis Courts

Address: 1900 Blue Ridge Rd.

Albert-Oakland Park has three lighted tennis courts located right off the parking lot on Blue Ridge Road. The park also features six dedicated pickleball courts south of the tennis courts.
American Legion Arcery Range

American Legion Archery Range

Address: 3675 Legion Lane

The American Legion Archery Range has sixteen targets at various distances ranging from 10 to 80 yards. The range features an elevated shooting tower, a 10' x 120' shooting pad across the front range of the targets, and concrete walkways from the shooting pad out to the targets to provide ADA accessibility for archers to retrieve their arrows. The range is open without charge for public use, except when an event is scheduled. Archery classes and events hosted by Columbia Parks and Recreation can be found in the Leisure Times program guide.
American Legion Ballfield

American Legion Ballfields

Address: 3675 Legion Lane Columbia, MO

American Legion Park fields can be found close to a concession building/restroom. The gold field (east) can be used as a baseball or softball field while the blue (west) is solely for baseball, with higher dimensions. Reservation info can be accessed through one of the links (Sports Facility Reservations) located on the facility's web-page. Other park amenities featured are batting cages, a playground, reservable shelter, archery practice area, and pond.
North Shelter 20x20

American Legion Shelters

Address: 602 S. Legion Ln.

American Legion offers two non-reservable shelters. North Shelter is 20'x20' with two picnic tables and the South Shelter is 24'x24' with three picnic tables.

Antimi Shelter

Address: 1615 Business Loop 70 W.

Antimi shelter is a reservable picnic area located in the north portion of Cosmo Park. It is situated next to 1 grass volleyball court, a skate park/roller hockey rink, and a 6 field sports complex.
Antimi Sports Complex

Antimi Sports Complex

Address: 1615 Business Loop 70 W.

Antimi Sports Complex is an 8-field combination baseball/softball and tee-ball center located in Cosmo Park. Features incorporated are covered bleachers, dugouts, electronic scoreboards, and foul ball protective netting. There is also a park shelter nearby and during non-scheduled hours, the fields can be reserved for private rental.
ARC Water Zone

ARC Water Zone (Indoor)

Address: 1701 W. Ash St.

The Water Zone is the ARC's indoor heated leisure pool with zero depth entry, interactive water play structure, triple-loop water slide, lazy river, vortex, three 25-yard lap lanes, a heated hydro-therapy pool, concession area, and party rooms for rent.

Armory Sports and Recreation Center

Address: 701 E. Ash St.

This indoor sports facility is used for many activities, such as basketball, volleyball, meetings, aerobics, events, and after school programs. The Community Recreation and C.A.R.E (Career Awareness Related Experience) programs along with the CoMo Bike Co-op are located at the Armory. When programs aren't in session the gym and other rooms are available for public rental.
Aerial of Atkins Park

Atkins Ballfields

Address: 5220 N Oakland Gravel Rd, Columbia, MO 65202, USA

Atkins park is located adjacent to the Fairgrounds property. Included are 5 lighted baseball fields, 1 irrigation lake (fishing allowed), concession area with covered seating, as well as a non-reservable shelter. See the Baseball/Softball Facility Reservations webpage for reservation information.
Atkins Concession Stand

Atkins Concession Building

Address: 5220 N. Oakland Gravel Rd.

The Atkins Concession stand is open during league and tournament play. The concession stand is located in the center of the five-field baseball complex. It has sixteen picnic tables under the covered patio and restrooms.
Atkins Shelter

Atkins Shelter

Address: 5220 N. Oakland Gravel Rd.

This non-reservable shelter at Atkins Park provides a picnic area and covered meeting place for athletes, coaches and spectators.
Auburn Hills Park Shelter

Auburn Hills Shelter

Address: 5101 Derby Ridge Dr.

The indicated shelter is a non-reservable picnic area located in Auburn Hills Park. It is near a basketball court, trail, complete with 3 picnic tables and 1 barbecue grill.

Barberry Park Shelter

Address: 3405 Zinnia Drive

This non-reservable park shelter contains 5.28 acres of land, which is comprised of a basketball court, playground, pond, playfield, fishing dock, and fruit/nut trees. Also included is a trail with neighborhood connectors. Commodities incorporated are 3 picnic tables and 1 barbeque grill.

Bear Creek Shelter

Address: 1402 Elleta Blvd, Columbia, MO 65202, USA

This non-reservable shelter is located in Bear Creek Park with 10 acres of land. Encompassing playgrounds, a creek, open field, back stop, and basketball court; there is also an adjoining recreation center.
Bonnie View Shelter

Bonnie View Park Shelter

Address: 3300 Rollins Rd Columbia, MO

Located in Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary, this shelter is reservable within 92.5 acres of available land. Seating capacities range from 72 with approximately 9 picnic tables are based in the pavilion. Recommended group limit is 100, twenty-nine parking spaces, including buses. Shelter features include a double barbecue grill, electric service, drinking fountain, and a nearby restroom. Bonnie View Nature Area is a trailhead for the Scotts Branch Trail with scenic views of beautiful wildflowers in the prairie restoration area.
Burford Shelter

Burford Shelter

Address: 1615 Business Loop 70 W.

Set at 3,680 square feet, this reservable shelter is located in Cosmo park. It is available half-day to full-day while accommodating eighteen picnic tables, seating 144, and carrying a size limit of 200. Among the conveniences are 6 double volt outlets, 4 double fireplace barbeque grills, and over 62 parking spaces. Neighboring the premises are the following: Cosmo Fitness Trail, Steinberg playground, outdoor volleyball stations and restrooms.