CoMo Eclipse Critters

#COMO Eclipse Critters

While Columbia residents were all abuzz looking at the sky, something wacky was happening on local trails. Columbia Parks and Recreation Department is lightheartedly alerting citizens to be on the lookout for a new variety of hybrid animals (a.k.a. CoMo Eclipse Critters). The recent solar eclipse and Columbia’s location in the direct path of totality is directly responsible for their existence.  We need your help in rounding up the CoMo Eclipse Critters, as they don’t know how to survive in the wild.


The hybrid animals appear to have features associated with nocturnal and diurnal species.  During a total eclipse, the sky darkens to twilight levels and air temperatures drop causing animals to change their behaviors. “It’s as if two animal worlds merged during the darkness of totality,” according to one eclipse-chaser and local conservation biologist who asked to remain anonymous.  Recent investigations have found that the hybrid animals appear to be nomadic in nature, preferring a linear park-like habitat. 

Anecdotal evidence indicates the wandering nature of the CoMo Eclipse Critter is limited to established trail corridors bordered by picturesque creeks and open spaces.  An increased presence on the trails and keen observation skills are probably the best tips for spotting the elusive CoMo Eclipse Critters.  CoMo Eclipse Critters are not considered dangerous as they are thought to be a relative of the unicorn.

  • Columbia trail users should expect to find a limited number of CoMo Eclipse Critters through the end of September.
  • Follow the migration pattern of Como Eclipse Critters on Columbia Parks and Recreation social media pages including Facebook and Twitter.  Don’t forget to take a selfie with the #CoMoEclipseCritters.
  • You are encouraged to “capture” the critter and transport them to the Parks and Recreation office where ownership and a certificate of authenticity will be transferred to the new guardian. Office location and hours: #1 S. 7th St., Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Description of all Destination (Major) Trails 
  • For more information call (573) 441-5495 or email Janet.Godon@CoMo.govcreate new email


Photo Gallery – 2017

Tag your selfie photos (with your captured CoMo Eclipse Critter) with #CoMoEclipseCritters or email photos to, so they can be displayed in our photo gallery. Bring your captured critter (you get to keep) to the Parks and Recreation office at 1 S. 7th Street and receive your Certificate of Authenticity. The following CoMo Eclipse Critters have been captured!