Capital Improvement Project: Southeast Regional Park – Gans/Philips Phase I

Funding Fiscal Year: 2013 – $650,000
2014 – $500,000
2015 – $580,000
2016 – $400,000
2020 – $200,000*
Project Number: C00518
Project Budget: $2,350,000*
Funding Source: Park Sales Tax

* Pending City Council approval of the FY 2020 Capital Improvement Program budget.

Project Description: Phase I development of southeast regional park amenities on the Gans Creek Recreation Area and Philips Park. Future facilities may include shelter, athletic fields, trails, dog parks, and support facilities such as roads, parking lot, storm-water control, and restrooms. 

See Capital Improvement Project: Gans Creek Recreation Area Improvements for information on the concession and restroom improvements.

Media Inquiries: Tammy Miller, Marketing Specialist, 573-874-7465, tammy.miller@como.govopens in a new window

Project Manager: Toney Lowery, Sr. Park Planner, 573-874-7537,

Council Items


Master Plan
9-16-13 Gans Creek Recreation Area – Master Plan (Includes Unfunded)

Phase I
9-16-13 Gans Creek Recreation Area – Phase I (Funded)
Gans Phase I – Existing Tree Cover
Gans Stormwater System

Interested Parties (IP) Meetings: An IP Meeting for the Gans Creek Recreation Area Phase I development of the project was held 5-7pm, August 21, 2013 at the ARC.

Project Notes: A master plan for the southeast regional park (Gans/Philips) was approved by the City Council on May 3, 2010 and was to be implemented in phases as funding became available.

The Gans Creek Recreation Area portion of the project was approved at the October 7, 2013 Council Meeting. Since Philips Park is zoned PUD, it will be go through a separate process for approval.

Project Status:. Five fields are complete and two are under construction. See Capital Improvement Project: Gans Creek Recreation Area Improvements for information on the concession and restroom improvements.

Major Vendors

Purchase Order#
P Allstate Consultants Engineering Services 131786 $91,795
M Burgers Ditching Irrigation pump 141780 $20,100
M Water & Sewer Irrigation pipes 141805 $20,115
M Kenny Outdoor Solutions Irrigation pipes 141823 $24,418
M All-In-One Irrigation Systems Irrigation supplies 141946 $17,886
C Munie Outdoor Services Field prep & laser leveling 142130 $13,978
C Terry Dean Lewis Irrigation Consulting & Design Services 142228 $1,500
M Agro Logics, LLC Composted manure 142252 $5,337
M Agro Logics, LLC Kentucky bluegrass seed 142253 & 151681 $6,600
P Timberlake Engineering Engineering Services 151379 $5,750
M Water & Sewer Sewer Supplies 151705 $12,203
M Boone Quarries Rock 151186 $27,878
C JC Landscaping Silt Fence 103382 $3,633
C Richardson Construction Excavation 141688 TBD
C Seth Paul Excavating Excavation and Water Lines 112234 $12,203
C Sellenriek Construction Boring 121475 $5,850
M Butler Supply Parking Lot Lighting 152351 $36,654
C APAC Driveway and Parking Lot 151929 $183,102
C Schaefer-Meyer Field 5 Escavation 152435 $14,447
M Forest Lawn Nursery Landscaping Materials 152634 $4,300
M Semco Distributing Stone 152635 $14,848

** C=Contract Work; P=Professional Services; M=Materials Only

Capital Improvement Program

Gans Creek Recreation Area

Philips Park