Capital Improvement Project: Norma Sutherland Smith Park Development – Phase I

Funding Fiscal Year: 2014
Project Number: C00559
Project Budget: $250,000
Funding Source: Park Sales Tax
Completed: 2017

Note: $150,000 LWCF Grant was appropriated to Phase I. Funds were expended for Phase II amenities (not included in the project budget above.)

Project Scope: 
First phase of development for a 50-acre community park located at 3350 Waco Road similar in size and scope to Cosmo-Bethel Park.

Project Manager: Matt Boehner, Sr. Park Planner, 874-7204, matthew.boehner@como.govcreate new email

Council Items

Proposed Plans:

Interested Parties Meetings and Other Public Input:

Project Status: Phase I complete and phase II of the project is underway.

Major Vendors

Purchase Order#
P Midwest Consultants Engineering and Survey Services 150992 $50,980
P Timberlake Engineering Engineering Services 151379 $1,585
P Terracon Consultants Geotechnical Engineering 151927 $4,150
P Columbia Associates Architectural Services 152066 $3,750
C Seth Paul Excavating Excavating 112234 $48,914
C Sellenriek Construction Boring 121475 $4,548
C CL Richardson Cosntruction Lake Excavation 161834 $49,982
C Arthur Ratliff Tree Tree Removal 152620 $6,900
M Boone County Lumber Roof Trusses 160744 $8,486
M Kay Park Picnic Table Frames 160996 $2,116
M Columbia Ready Mix Concrete 152482 $11,365
M Central Concrete Concrete 152484 $2,675
M Boone Quarries Rock 151186 $3,538

** C=Contract Work; P=Professional Services; M=Materials Only

Location of Smith Park in northeast Columbia is indicated on the map below.
See also Google Maps 

columbia map

Smith Park

Capital Improvement Program