Capital Improvement Project: Waters-Moss Memorial Wildlife Area Phase I Development

Funding Fiscal Year:
2013 – $450,000*
2014 – $155,000^
Project Number:
Project Budget:
Project Source:
$255,000 – Park Sales Tax
$350,000 – Rec Services Fund
Year Completed:

* Includes a $350,000 mid-year appropriation.
^ Includes a $90,000 mid-year appropriation. 
Original budget was 

Note: Funding for the parking lot improvements came from Annual Roads and Parking.


Project Description: Development of the former Missouri Department of Conservation property, including buildings and future park amenities.

Waters Moss Memorial Wildlife Area LOCATION MAP

Project Manager:

Ryan Atkinson

Project Notes:

The City of Columbia and the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) entered into a Lease and Memorandum of Understanding on January 29, 2009 whereby MDC will use 18.5 acres in the northeast area of Gans Creek Recreation Area to construct and operate a regional office in exchange for the City of Columbia’s use of the 106-acre Waters-Moss Memorial Wildlife Area for public recreation purposes.

Funding for the conversion of the buildings to activity centers came from the City’s Designated Loan Fund and will be paid back with the lease savings resulting from no longer renting the Stephens Lake Activity Center. Project was approved at the April 1, 2013 Council Meeting.

After researching the history of the property and buildings, staff designated new names for the buildings on the property, as follows:

  • Hillcrest Community Center – Former MDC office building
  • Moss Building – Former MDC shop
  • Waters House (future ranger station) – House at the top of the hill, 2104 Hillcrest Drive

The Hillcrest parking lot expansion, concrete ADA parking spot, and new asphalt parking lots were funded from FY 2014 Roads and Parking.

Council Items:

Interested Parties Meeting/Public Input:

Project Notes:

The HIllcrest Community Center is completed and opened for business on January 21, 2014. The Hillcrest Community Center and the Moss Building were dedicated on August 28, 2014.

Project Status: Completed.

Major Vendors

Purchase Order#
P Connell Architect Architectural services for the Hillcrest Community Center and Moss Building 131233 $3,050*
P Crockett Engineering Engineering services 141054 $4,930
M House of Carpet Vinyl flooring 140738 $14,320
M House of Carpet Flooring 140739 $12,584
M Meeks Building Siding 140823 $11,052
C Steel Nett, LLC Computer wiring 140187 $6,625
M Xeta Technology Ethernet routing switch 141168 $4,171
C Seth Paul Excavating Water line installation 112234 $7,171
C Smart Business Furniture 141035 $20,929
M Trident Furniture Furniture 141068 $13,462
C Richardson Excavation Demolish Sears house 111103 $2,689
C Dubinski Drywall Moss Bldg Sheetrock 141796 $9,452
M PS Commercial Play dba Recreation Brands Playground 141845 $13,699
M CXT, Inc. Precast restroom 142018 $41,600*
C McAfee Construction Shelter 142412 $69,500*
P Wallace Architects Architectural Services 151368 $7,000
C Leah Woods Playground Installation 151617 $6,500

* Amount for this project only
** C=Contract Work; P=Professional Services; M=Materials Only

Waters-Moss Memorial Wildlife Area

Capital Improvement Program