Capital Improvement Project: Twin Lakes Recreation Area Improvements

Funding Fiscal Year: 2012-$100,000
2013- $37,364 (mid-year appropriations)
Project Number: C00491
Project Budget: $287,364
Funding Source(s):

$250,000 – Park Sales Tax^
$25,000 – FY 2012 General Fund Savings*
$12,364 – Prior Year Appropriations (fund transfers)*

Year Completed: 2014

^ Original budget: $250,000
* Mid-year appropriations

Project Description: Improve the existing facilities at Twin Lakes Recreation Area including the dog park, large lake and trail area, shelter and Little Mates Cove. Proposed improvements to Little Mates Cove may include mechanical, plumbing, more shade, new spray features, small shelter, new ticket booth/guard bldg, and landscaping. Proposed improvements to the dog park may include dog wash station, benches, lights, and turf improvements. Phased over 2 years starting in FY12.

Project Manager: Mike Snyder, Sr. Park Planner, 573-874-7204, mike.snyder@como.govcreate new email

Council Items:


Interested Parties Meetings and Public Input:

Date/Time: User Groups Meeting Location / Survey Info
October 28, 2009
Dog Park Twin Lakes Shelter, 
Twin Lakes Recreation Area
April 13, 2010
Dog Park Twin Lakes Shelter, 
Twin Lakes Recreation Area
October 14, 2010
Dog Park and Little Mates Cove Twin Lakes Shelter, 
Twin Lakes Recreation Area
July 2011 Little Mates Cove On-Site and Web Survey
September 15, 2011
Twin Lakes Recreation Area ARC, 1701 W. Ash Street
August 2, 2012
Twin Lakes Recreation Area Little Mates Cove,
Twin Lakes Recreation Area
August 7-19, 2012 Park Users Web Survey

Related Project: The Twin Lakes entrance road was repaired and overlaid as one of the 2012 Annual Roads and Parking projects. Utilities were converted from overhead to underground as part of this project.

Project Notes: Project was approved at the October 1, 2012 Council Meeting. Majority of the

Project Status: Completed.

Major Vendors

Purchase Order#
C Crawford Construction Construction of stone park entry sign 131116 $10,450
C Anchor Fence Materials and installation of dog park fence 131310 $21,710
M Stephanie J. Close Aquatic features for Little Mates Cove 131320 $41,740
M Athco, LLC Aquatic features for Little Mates Cove 131331 $43,667

** C= Contract Services; M = Materials Only

Capital Improvement Program

Twin Lakes Recreation Area