Capital Improvement Project: Smiley Lane Park Development

Funding Fiscal Year: 2009
Project Number: C00420
Project Budget: $145,000
Funding Source(s): $110,000 – Park Sales Tax
$35,000 – Force Account Labor
Year Completed: 2010

Project Description: Develop neighborhood park on 5.25 acre property on Smiley Lane that will service the Vanderveen Subdivision and surrounding area.

Project Manager: Richard Perkins, Engineering Aide IV, 573-874-7238, 
RJPerkin@GoColumbiaMo.comcreate new email

Council Items
Parcel Mapopens IMAGE file

Plans: park master planopens PDF file
(Options presented at 8/28/08 meeting  Option 1opens PDF file , Option 2opens PDF file ) 

Interested Parties Meeting: Held Thursday, August 28, 2008 from 6:00-7:00pm on the park site.

Project Notes: A public hearing was held and the project was approved at the December 1, 2008 Council Meeting.

Project Status: Completed.

Major Vendors
** Vendor Item Purchase Order # Contract Amount
C Playpower LT Playground and installation 091093 $28,983
C Richardson Excavation Grading work 061255 $10,090
C Custom Fence Seed/straw/silt fence work 082489 $7,225
M Ahrens Steel Steel for shelter beams 091827 $1,648
M Meeks Lumber Shelter materials 092020 $3,533
M Carter-Waters Reinforcing steel 092179 $1,173
M BJ Services Playground fiber mulch 081656 & 092201 $1,558
M Most Dependable Fountains Drinking fountain 101632 $2,115
C Tom Adair Construction Walkway along Smiley Lane 091543 $26,558
C Stockman Construction Concrete cul-de-sac 092555 $24,940*

Note: Contract amounts are for this project only; some items part of a larger term and supply contract.
* Contract funded by 2009 Annual Roads and Parking 
** C = contract work; M = materials only

Grading and pond construction (Photo taken 6/22/09)
Park staff constructing shelter
(Photo taken 8/6/09)
Park staff constructing shelter
(Photo taken 8/10/09)
Shelter and playground nearing completion
(Photo taken 9/15/09)

Smiley Lane Park

Capital Improvement Program