Capital Improvement Project: Rock Quarry Tennis and Basketball Courts

Funding Fiscal Year: 2008
Project Number: C00419

Project Budget:

Funding Source:

$15,000 – Force Account Labor
$175,000 – Park Sales Tax

Year Completed: 2010

Council Items
Plansopens PDF file

Project Description: 
Construction of two tennis courts, one basketball court, and connecting sidewalks.
Interested Parties Meeting: A park planning meeting for interested parties was held at Rock Quarry Park, 2002 Grindstone Parkway, on Thursday evening, September 25, 2008 from 6:00-7:00pm.
Project Notes: A public hearing was held and the ordinance to proceed with the construction of the project was approved at the November 17, 2008 Council Meeting. Tennis court construction was completed and put in service July 31, 2009. The basketball court was completed by force account labor in April 2010. 
Project Status: Project completed.

Major Vendors
** Vendor Item Purchase Order # Contract Amount
C Christenson Const. Tennis court construction (Pro Courts, Raymore MO provided color coat surface of tennis courts) 091650 $101,200
C Stockman Const. Sidewalk construction 092555 $4,900
M Carter-Waters Reinforcing steel 102967 $1,736
M Central Concrete Concrete 052459 $11,220*
M Boone Quarries Rock 101938 $2,994*
C Richardson Excavation Grading work 061255 $2,259*
M Ri-mor Topsoil Topsoil 102337 $1,040*

* Amount is for this project only – purchase order is for term and supply contract 
** C = Contract work; M = materials only

Tennis court earthwork
(Photo taken 5/7/09)
Completed tennis courts
(Photo taken 7/31/09)
Completed basketball court
(Photo taken 4/8/10)

Rock Quarry Park

Capital Improvement Program