Capital Improvement Project: Perche Creek Trail Phase I – MKT to Gillespie Bridge

Funding Fiscal Year: 2018
Project Number: 00699
Project Budget: $1,200,000*
Funding Source:

FY 2018 – $180,000 Park Sales Tax 
FY 2020 – $520,000 Park Sales Tax
FY 2021 – $500,000 Park Sales Tax *

*future year appropriations pending

Project Description: Construction of the Perche Creek Trail from MKT Trail to Gillespie Bridge Road. Project is funded over three years with $180k 2018, $500K 2019 and $520k 2020. FY18 funding will allow for engineering design and finalization of plans.

Media Inquiries: Tammy Miller, Marketing Specialist, 573-874-7465,

Project input: Mike Snyder, Park Planning Superintendent, 573-874-7204,

Project Status: Planning stage.

Capital Improvement Program