Capital Improvement Project: Parks Management Center Improvements

Funding Fiscal Year: 2008
Project Number: C00199
Project Budget: $120,000
Funding Source: Park Sales Tax
Year Completed: 2010

Council Items 
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Project Description: Repair exterior walls that are water damaged due to roof leaks. (Roof was repaired in 2007.) Create a work space for a new position, Engineering Aide IV, and make improvements/repairs to various offices, storage spaces, and compound.

Project Status: Completed.

  • 3/1/10: Completed Installation of new high-efficiency light fixtures in reception office, and window casings and shade units at new windows in work station area. Replaced enterior entry foryer posts and corner pieces. Project completed.
  • 1/1/10: Completed replacement of water/termite damaged framing material, gypsum board, and windows on front (south) PMC wall. Completed installation of drop ceiling, new lights, and made needed adjustments to air ducts in front hallway. Removed exterior vinyl and cedar siding from front center section.
  • 12/1/08: Greenhouse completed.
  • 11/10/08: Construction of greenhouse structure is completed. Working on sinks, electrical, fans, etc.
  • 10/10/08: Work continues on the greenhouse. Frame is up. Grading and rock work for parking lot expansion completed.
  • 08/01/08: Began work on the new greenhouse – constructed concrete floor, installed drains and water line connections, and stubbed utilities for fixtures.
  • 07/01/08: Completed renovation and repairs in SE corner offices and staff moved in to newly renovated office. Completed landscape construction and planting of dry stream/stonework to remedy water drainage problem.   Planted 1 two-inch B&B tree and 29 shrubs.
  • 06/01/08: Received shipment of greenhouse in May. Continued work on SE corner of building.
  • 04/23/08: Completed removal of the exterior shade structures and replacement of the siding. Rock has been removed on the exterior of the building. Continuing repair work on the southeast corner office.
  • 03/03/08: New offices in the west wing and repair work on west exterior wall completed. Park planners and construction supervisor moved in to new offices.
  • 12/17/07: Framing work on the new offices and repair work on west exterior walls has begun.
  • 11/20/07: The project was introduced at the November 5 City Council meeting and a public hearing was held at the Council’s November 19 meeting. The project was approved so staff will begin preliminary work on repairs to the exterior walls to determine extent of damage.
Major Vendors
Vendor Item Purchase Order # Contract Amount
Stuppy Greenhouse 22′ x 60′ greenhouse materials 081593 $25,796


PMC west wing (greenhouse) before office construction (photo facing west)
PMC west wing office construction (photo facing east)
Completed office wing (photo facing west)
Exterior of the Parks Management Center before repairs
Removal of shade structures
(Photo taken 3/12/08)
Newly renovated SE office at PMC
(Photo taken 7/3/08)
Greenhouse construction
Completed greenhouse


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