Capital Improvement Project: Nifong Park Improvements

Funding Fiscal Year: 2016
Project Number: C00622
Project Budget: $375,000
Funding Source:

Park Sales Tax ($250,000) 

Donation from the Columbia Cosmopolitan Luncheon Club ($125,000)

Year Completed:



Project Description:  Improvements included the replacement of the shelter, addition of a playground, construction of a small shelter and ADA fishing bulbout, two new parking lots and expansion of the existing lot, LED parking lot lighting, ADA walkways, installation of a water fountain, and new park signage.

Plans (1/19/2016)opens PDF file

Project Manager: Ryan Atkinson

Council Items

Interested Parties (IP) Meeting and On-Line Survey:

Project Notes: The Columbia Cosmopolitan Luncheon Club pledged $125,000 in donations to help fund this project. In appreciation for their donation, the newly renovated southeast corner of Nifong Park was named “Cosmo Corner.”  The club remitted the donations over a five-year period at $25,000 a year. The P&R Department appropriated an extra $125,000 in Park Sales Tax in lieu of the pledged funds so that construction could proceed in 2016 . As the donations came in, they repaid the extra Park Sales Tax funds that were loaned to the project.

Project Status: Complete.

Major Vendors

Purchase Order#
P Crockett Engineering Engineering Services 161386 $13,770
P McClure Engineering Engineering Services 161522 $4,300
C Tom Adair Construction Concrete 132073 $24,565
M Rick Richarson Excavation Grading 161735 $15,969
M Athco Shelter 161558 $14,990
M Playpower Playground 161967 $129,523
M Central Concrete Concrete 152484 $5,844
M Boone Quarries Gravel 161725 $45,291
C Seth Paul Excavating Water Line Connections 161762 $4,571
C Christensen Construction Asphalt 162084 $41,052
M Graybar Lighting 162497 $4,860

** C=Contract Work; P=Professional Services; M=Materials Only

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