Capital Improvement Project: Nifong Park Improvements

Funding Fiscal Year: 2016
Project Number: C00635
Project Budget: $375,000
Funding Source:

Park Sales Tax ($250,000) 

Donation from the Columbia Cosmopolitan Luncheon Club ($125,000)

Year Completed:



Project Description: A donation of $125,000 was received from the Columbia Cosmopolitan Luncheon Club for this project. Planned improvements include replacement of the shelter, addition of a playground, construction of a small shelter and ADA fishing bulbout, two new parking lots and expansion of the existing lot, LED parking lot lighting, ADA walkways, installation of a water fountain, and new park signage.

Plans (1/19/2016)

Project Manager: Ryan Atkinson, Planner, 573-874-7709,

Council Items

Interested Parties (IP) Meeting and On-Line Survey:

Project Status: Complete.

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